Saturday, 28 June 2008

板桥海鲜 + 无核荔枝 Seedless Lyche

It is second time i visit to 板桥海鲜广场, i still remember first time when we take cab and reach the main entry, those stall people already hold my boss hand thru the taxi window, can you imagine? 4 ppl hold you hand and push you to their stall... if pretty girl, then i don't mind but they are not. haha, you can see from the photo, the people just park their car, a girl already come to persuade.
板桥海鲜广场 is a place famous with cheap seafood, there 2 side, one side is a market, other side is stall. After you choose the seafood you want, then you can send to the stall to cook. We usually go back to the same stall, because we need the boss help me to pick the fresh seafood, clarify the price and identify cheat case happen. :D Example : 在称海鲜之前记得把装海鲜的袋子弄破,否则里面的水会让你的钱包“缩水”。

Huge big market, you can ask for cheap price. All the seafood is fresh, and the hawker is rude too. If he already offer you the lowest price, and you don't want. They will show you "middle finger".hehe, you can show back them, but later they use crab or fish throw you , then don't blame me :D
The prawn is fresh. You know why? because it still got blood on his head after steam :D
I love the bamboo meat? Sorry 竹顺 call what in english, anyone know?

What is this again? I don't know. But taste good. RMB2 per piece.
Lala? Not bad. Very big one. hehe, around RM0.70 per piece.
The Sotong that we brought, the size is damm big. I tell you, we eat until mouth also tired, imagine you try to eat 10 piece of chewling gam. Why sotong steam? Then i have to blame my manager, he ask the chief cook follow by the chief's favor.#$%^&*^$#..... First in my life, i eat dinner eat until so tired. @@

After.......Guess how much we eat? Material + Cooking charges. Total around RM50 only, mean RMB100, i don't think we can get this price in KL.

2nd time visit..............................
This is the place where after you buy those material, then you bring ur material to the stall and cook for you. So they only charge you the cooking charges only. Dirty rite? hahaa...yes, it is dirty.

This time, we become smart already, we ask the boss , fried the sotong, the taste is better. YUMMY!!!!!!!!

What the hell is this? i really don't know. I call them "pajamas". I guess is some snail at the sea. Before that, the color is dark, now turn into pajamas. hahahahah

After we finish those seafood, we walk out and looking for cab. And we accidentally saw the Lychee hawker. And it is "SEEDLESS LYCHEE" !!!!!!!!!!! I am sure you guys never try this at malaysia, and it only sold at 500g = RMB4.
We buy 1.5kg. Just RMB12. hhahhaha....

Yummy, seedless lychee. It really sweet and juicy.. JohnTim, i keep some for you, remember come to my room and take :D

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Finally i win the war ( Human vs Virus/Trojan)

I think i should blog this post, i had tried to search a lots of solution to remove the trojan at website, but not many people are really contribute to give the solution, they just recommend you to download this software and that software. The more i try, the worst i face.

So how i solve the problem?
Actually the virus i hit is call

1. "Trojan-PSW.Win32.OnLineGames.asbw", in front all consist the word

Usually OnlineGames trojans are spammed in e-mails with "juicy" subjects and attachment names. However, such trojans can also be downloaded by other malicious programs, for example by worms, backdoors, and trojan downloaders.

After the trojan's file is started by a user, it installs itself to the system by copying its file to Windows folder. It also creates a startup key value in the Registry for the copied file. This is done to make sure that the trojan's file is started every time Windows boots. The startup key value is created under the following Registry key:"

More Information


"Trojan.PSW.Delf.KT tries to steal usernames and passwords stored on the infected system and send them to an attacker."


The program copies itself to the system directory as winreg.exe and notepod.exe.
It then registers this file in the system directory, ensure that the file will be executed each time Windows is rebooted on the victim machine.
It also changes launch parameters for executable and text files so that the Trojan file will automatically be launched at the same time:

How i remove the virus?
1. Install kaspersky.
2.Scan in window. Scan everything, criticl area, start up object, My computer.
3.Install CCleaner. Clean all the rubbish, registry key and run cleaner.
4.Reboot your machine in safe mood, and rescan again
5. In you found some file that you cannot delete, use unlocker to delete the file :D

After i done all the step, i think i got some side effect.

I accident delete my explorer.exe because it affected by virus, So if this happen, after success load into desktop, you only will see the wallpaper, all the desktop icon is gone, and ur System idle process ( alt+ctrl+del) will keep show 99%

so you go to other pc and copy and paste back to c:windows , then you will able see back your desktop. haha

Other magic .....The "open" option is gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It happen to every folder !!... i totally "bo lat" and "sad like dog". Whole night no mood, and dont know to fix this, lucky i post this topic to lowyat forum, and a kindful guy really do help me with his way

1. Download Flash Disinfector

Please download Flash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop:
Note: Please delete any existing copy of Flash Disinfector(if any) on your pc and download this one.
  • Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it.
  • Follow any prompts that may appear.
  • Your desktop will vanish for a while, and then reappear. This is normal.
  • Wait until the program has finished scanning, then please exit the program.
  • Restart your computer and see if problem still persists.

2. run this

Start Menu > Run
type regsvr32 /i shell32.dll
Now my computer back to normal again...... just an experience sharing.
My advice enable your real time protection and install a zonalarm firewall, then i think everything should be ok :D

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Back to Hainan after 3 week at KL @@

七点的飞机,我三点半就起床了。四点出发,大概五点十五分到达机场。我的同事5点就到了。还正不好意思。 我们白白用了一个小时多来排队check in. 我也不晓得为什么这样多人旅游到海南。恐怖死了。 6.30am才check in 完,then就快快去吃Mcdonald,我咖啡也没喝完,就跑去boarding 了。
整个飞机都满人,很多aunty uncle.晕掉。。。。。

So we reach around 10.30 am , then we go back hotel and go to find colleagues for lunch, haha, actually quite miss them, i stay at KL too boring. At last johntim can make joke around. Really is damn tired. I really cannot sleep at plane, the environment is terrible. Aiii..i miss the china southern airline.

This raining season at China nowdays, and johntim say that the lychee at Hainan in quite nice. Red ,big and sweet. And the price is CHEAP. 1 kg for RMB6. haha, i have take one and test. Yup, it really sweet.Red or no? Nice neh.

We have to walk under the rain and go to have dinner. Is happy to back to hainan and work together with team member again. And welcome jacky join our team.

Okla..i have to rest a while. Tired like dog now. Jiak.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sushi Zanmai, One Utama

I had visit to Sushi Zanmai twice since i back from hainan. Quite suprise that why in front of MPH got restaurant. So i decide go to try the taste. hehe

The environment of the restaurant. Quite alots people on sunday. Need to queue up.
The salmon sashimi, actually i dont really eat raw food. But at last i have a try on it. And i use wasabi to cover the straight feeling. But the meat is fresh. For sashimi lover, you can try :D
RM6 for 3 piece.I order rice for the 1st time visit :D, chicken egg rice, small for Rm8.80. I feel abit not that worth.
Look at the 2nd photo on what i eat at hainan.
This is the set i eat at Hainan, around RM8 also. But it give many extra food. I miss it so much:DOf course, i think what worth at Sushi Zanmai, you should try their sushi. Cheap, nice and worth.
Thanks for the person who pick the right choice. The Omettle egg sushi is nice !!!Of course , dont forget to order a cup of Choco Banann Parfait, it serve with vanila & chocolate ice cream with cookie crunch,nuts, corn flakes & chocolate sauce , topped with banana. Just Rm12. My comment, nice nice nice ! I love it !
For my dear colleagues who currently jail at Hainan, don't forget to try when you come from Hainan. Hahaha.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

My best friend wedding, Tiffanny & Carsmen 31.5.08

Yeah, finally able to attend my best friend wedding, Tiffanny & Carsmen. I also cannot remember i go to become ji mui (Sister) for how many time already. Among my friends, girl is married early than guys.

i drive 110- 130km/s to klang and reach around 8.30am, the pretty and busy bride was enjoying her make up :D
After make up, her family was taking photo with this pretty bride, person from left : unknow aunty 1, unknow aunty 2, unknow aunty 3, bride mama ( pink color + spec), unknow aunty 4, unknow handsome 1, bride handsome brother ( white shirt), and bride handsome daddy.
haha, accidentally i capture the natural smile from her.
She was standing beside the window , and making some post. Pretty huh? Look like model right?
Sister with the bride, not the real sister, is the wedding sister. 4 flower + 1 princess of the day
Starting nervous already..hehehe...she say her hand keep shaking :D
Promise for the prince, but he quite naughty, we wrote : i cooking , you wash dish ; i born baby, you take care.....
And he go to read , u cooking, i eat it, u born baby, i play with her/him. hahah ..humour, smart hubby.
Pretty sisters and the bride of the day :D
Taking photo with 2 happiness couple of the world, i can A pair of shoes which bring you both continously walk the happiness journey together
A very cute toy, just like you and himEvery page will a successful story book, 30/5/2008 is the date which make you both wrote the 1st page of the book begin, wish you get the good ticket in your life. All the best wish for you both
Happy forever must xin fu ok? :D cheers