Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Goodbye,grandpa,i miss you....

This morning received msn message from my sister, and she told me that my grandpa was pass away. I was sad and shock when got the news. Last 2 week, i just visit him during my cousin weddding.

The news was too suddenly, he still able to eat and awake for the last 2 week.. But his visual getting bad, he starting cannot recognize me :( , he pass away from 11.30pm-1.30am. No one is around him when he pass away. But we know he had suffer for a year, his skin start decomposed and leg become swollen.

My grandpa is very Mr Nice man. When he was young, he always ask me stand beside him and compare my height(because he quite height also, maybe my body consists his genetic) when i back to hometown. He used ask me do study hard and when he know i take course for computing, he strongly encourage me and say that IT field had a bright future.

I miss the sweet potatoes that planted by him. Before a day he visit to KL, he will purposely go to the garden and take off the sweet potatoes and bring to us.

My grandpa is a strong person and never trouble people. A day , he fall down from motocycle, and leg start bleeding, but he able to walk around 200 meter back to home and collapsed. Until my uncle back and notice this incident. Start from the day, grandpa unable to walk anymore and done few time operation.

I remember one time , he fall down at toilet again, because he try to walk to the toilet even though his got problem on walk. He just dont want to be a burner to family.

Sorry grandpa, i unable to attend the funeral. I feel guilty in my heart. Thanks for giving me the good genetic from you, i am proud of you. I will miss you and i will remember all the memory from the day i met you. I love you grandpa.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Supper time....best BBQ chicken wing, YUMMY

Quite busy with works lately. My fatty but handsome roomate(JohnTim) already start complain why i didnt update my blog, and still displaying the sad's blog(-.-). Actually i am fine, just find out some way to express the feeling, thanks for the concern from you guys.

Thanks for the unbelieveable person leave the message about "雨后总有晴天", i never expect you ( Keping) will visit to my blog.

The night is getting dark, everyone in sleep, 4 crazy person who looking for supper, we decide to try the BBQ that near our office :D , we had visit that BBQ on friday and saturday night time.

Is quite nice to have supper or drink with a gang of friends. Last time always hang out to Mamak, watching football, chatting around, laugh together. I like the night time compare with sunny day

We quite confusing when we look at the food, maybe we worry the food is dirty. But since we had come over here, so we no care anymore, "lao sai" also dont care. They got Hotdog, chicken wing( very small size), chicken leg, beaf, mutton,bean sprouts and lala (not nice)

The thing we cannot miss out during supper. Beer ~wahahaahaha....
Here is our supper !!!!!!!!!! YUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The chicken wing is damm nice, cook with spicy and someone got "ji ma” on the top. Just dissapointed on the size of the chicken wings. Hot dog, beaf and mutton also quite nice !!!

The most funny thing is when we ask for chilie source, they say dont have. They just have "wasabi". OMG.... wasabi with chicken wings????? Really a weird combination.

I miss 嘛嘛档。。。

this video only can load faster at china :P , is 阿牛《MAMAK档》..suddenly think of this song :D

几支大雨伞 几块大木板 搭在车水马龙的路旁

热闹的 Mamak 档 不灭的灯光 陪著城市不眠到天亮

短裤露腿装 实在好凉爽 TenTarik 热热 拉得长又长

因为话很多 因为夜漫长 所以我们都去 Mamak 档

Oh Ai Yi Ya Ei A Oh Ah Oh Ai Yi Ai Yo(Mamak 档)

Oh Ai Yi Ya He Ah Oh Hai Yo(好风光)

这里说理想 那边说彷徨 是什么让我们黑了眼眶

讲到兴高采烈 脸油油发光 热烘烘 像 Roti Canai 一样

说天南地北 道东长西短 生活任你怎么讲也讲不完

Mee Goreng 加煎蛋 老板忙到团团转 

我们可爱又熟悉的 Mamak 档

心事茫茫 找个地方讲 难兄难弟大家一起分享

烦恼放一旁 笑话大声讲 我也要来开一间 Mamak 档

不管晴天雨天 或你穿得怎么样 Service 最亲切 

偶尔还会算错帐 你要吹吹风 你的夜漫长 

欢迎你来我的 Mamak 档 Oh Ai Yi Ya Ei A.....

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I start to prefer be alone...

Yup, i back to Kl again, had able to meet up most of my friends.

I had leave my lovely KL city for a month,i start become a stranger in this city. I am become afraid to order food, afraid of talking and chatting.

Sometime hanging with friends, they joke around , yup, the joke is funny, if compare with last time, i sure will laugh until fall at the floor. But nowday, i starting to forget what is about joke. I know the joke is funny, but i dont know i just cant laugh out.

I starting don't know how to communication with my friends, my mind is out of focus.
I can be silent sometime. I start loving to be alone. Alone sit at starbucks or Coffee bean, doing my works ,having a very nice blended coffee, listen to music, look the people around.

I planning to watch movie alone, but i am afraid of being alone(of course i not mean the cinema only got me la ) in the cinema, i wont forget i did watch movie alone before, gold compass.
i sit within a pair of lovely couple and happy family. Maybe i do care people look at me, i feel so i innocent. A so good looking guy (can consider) like me, go to cinema watch movie alone,sure mental got problem or gay.

Thanks for see nyin & zihao able to spent time with me to watch "The Dark Knight" later. Else i will stick my ass in starbuck until night time :D

Maybe my mind still had "her", i learning to let go. Maybe sometime i still think of her, no doubt that she is the only person can understand me well and most close to me. There is nothing about who fault to make the decision, i think is time to release myself and accept the truth.

I will try my best to learn my role to become your best friend. I know you wont have the time to read my words and you never visit on what i wrote too. And i also not expected you will read it.
In my mind and concept :" Love/like a person, you wont expect she will know but you will wish her found her happiness". Sound stupid hor? I also not sure.

Don't worry, i am be fine. But no doubt that i start to loving be alone. Cheers my lovely mocha ice blended coffee :x

Coffee, music are my best friends during my night time.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Something we must learn from china government.

Suppose last 2 week, we had been invite to join the water rafting at 万泉河 with our hainan colleagues, 2 day 1 night. Sound very excited hor? I want to try water rafting long time ago, i like adventure game !

But it had been cancel, reason? Because china government ask the company don't spend money (~.~), actually we can go before the news is announce, because some team have to rush their project, so we postpone, and suddenly china government announce the news. Aiiiiii.. don't know when i can go again.



万 泉河漂流,由烟园至会山乡,长约15公里,时间约3小时。河面最狭窄处约8米,最宽处约100米,水深1-10米。漂流万泉河,既有惊时穿激流越险滩的 激情澎湃,又有缓时两岸风光尽收眼底的诗情画意。游客乘橡皮艇顺流而下,有落差各异的激流险滩;有神形绝妙的奇峰异石;有银河奔泻的飞流瀑布;有椰竹掩映 的苗寨村舍;河中蝴蝶翩跹、岩燕飞翔、野鸭游弋、山鸟啾鸣,与两岸古朴、善良、勤劳耕作的苗寨居民组成一幅美妙的山野图画,令游人疑似置身桃花源中,恍若 步入人间仙境……

2nd thing, hainan government start to encourage their citizen learn about "recycle". <>

It is very good practice to all people, i just brought a recycle plastic bag, which can hold 5kg things. Just sell at Rm0.50.

If you insists want plastic beg, small size cause you RMB0.10, middle RMB0.20, large RMB0.30, if i not mistake.

   本次环保宣传公益活动旨在倡导广大群众舍弃一次性塑料袋,拎起久违的菜篮子、布袋子,坚持可持续发展的思想观念和生活方式,唤起全社会保护环境的意识, 共同行动起来呵护我们的绿色家园,让“白色污染”远离海南这片美丽的土地,让天更蓝,水更清,地更绿。 让居家百姓了解不可降解塑料袋的危害性,“节能减排、抵制白色污染从我做起”,提升人们的环保意识。澄迈县机关干部、职工、学生及群众约4000多人参加 了今天的环保宣传活动。

3rd thing, adjust the air condition temperature , maybe from 19'c to 23'c

Malaysia government, what rules or action that you had contribute to save the mother nature?

Some photo i took when i jogging at last saturday

July Photo of the Month (Kick Me)

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Most drunk period in my life.......

Just now dinner with all the PM,director, and collegues. wah lliao...give PM ,director and other tui(灌) me.....i consider enough brave along go to the high level management person and cheers with them.. and all people become crazy, all killing each others.

i think i drink more than 10 cup(half wine) and half white wine(红星白酒), the white wine really killing, 50% achocolo..

Sleep. no care. this photo will delete after 24 hour..........Goodd night