Saturday, 31 October 2009

Thanks for the birthday dinner and present

Finally i back to nigeria again, this is my second trip. I had been holiday in malaysia for 6 weeks. And i did a lots of thing during this 6 week, everyday is a busy for me to meet up my friends, photoshooting and some gathering. I wish to spend more time together with them and my family.

Just share some photo i took during and before my birthday. This year birthday is different than the previous 4 year. This year is celebration with my friends, no birthday kissing from someone, haha. However, really nothing much feeling on my actual birthday, just feel very normal or maybe is no longer special for me. Somemore i need to become backup photographer for my friend on my actual birthday.

However, thanks again for my friend which had spend time and money for me, thanks for the wonder meal and present, good to have you guys.

Thanks for the 3 pretty angel spend me on the steamboat. Had a funny momment with you guys. Surprise from my lovely colleagues, really hard to have a good time to know you guys because i am not always around in malaysia, but you guys are awesome and fun. Thanks for the cake and lunch. Love you guys a lots.
New name give by my colleagues,
Bobby -____-''''
Of course , my good brother spent me a good dinner too. Thanks Johntim for the dinner and present. You really surprise me lor ..heheh..
And Sylvia :) Thanks to accompany us for the dinner...
They are my 1st company colleagues, almost 4 year not meet up them, had a great time with them :)

At last , thanks for the present again
Joey, Johntim, Mandy, Yen, and Phylicia ....Phylicia you are the one which give me biggest surprise ~hahaa..purposely mail a card for me -___-''' damm touching ..
Thanks joey, i will learning from the book..hehehe i looking some book guide on wedding, i think i should practice more on wedding photographing.

Happy birthday siu keong :)

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II

Other len i had brought after Sigma 70-300mm, due to the reason for better quality and for my friend's wedding, i decide to buy 17-50mm.

I get a very good review and comment from my friends and forum. After i brought the Tamron 17-50, my nikkor 18-135mm is going to retired and rest in peace. And i decide use Tamron 17-50mm as a walkaround len.

The Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II Lens delivers very good image quality in a small, light, fast and affordable package. Add in the very popular focal length range and you have a lens that is just right for many digital SLR camera owners. The early-in-its-lifecycle popularity this lens is enjoying substantiates this claim.

I tested the tamron 17-50mm in the camera shop before i brought. Photo below is a comparison between 17-50mm and my nikkor 18-135mm.

Aperture : F4.73
Exposure Time: 1/40 seconds
ISO: 640
Focus length: 50mm

Aperture : F2.83
Exposure Time: 1/80 seconds
ISO: 500
Focus length: 50mm

Some sample photo shooting after i brought the len. Sharpness is for sure for Tamron 17-50mm, and of course the color contrast is better than the 18-135mm.
Reason for brought this len:
1. F2.8, you will found it very useful for indoor and outdoor shooting
2. Worth for value
3. 17mm, abit wide :) finally i can camwhore

After i use for 2 week, there is some problem i found out
1. Focusing is a bit slow, sometime will hard to detect the object. ( Auto focus)
2. When the object is bright or white, auto focus unable to detect...

However, i had use this len for wedding shooting, portraits, and walkaround len during my trip to amsterdam and hong kong, it didnt disappointed me at all. I will try to update my blog for frequently start from today.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Thanks for the sourvenir

From left to right
1. Cube by Johntim from Sekinchan
2. MailBox ( with tea inside) by Yuan from Europe
3. Koala Bear by Irene Gan from Australia

Thanks again :)

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Canon Photomarathon 2009

First time join the photography competition since i get my 1st DSRL, but really learn lots for this competition, you can see everyone had their own style or idea to capture their creativity photo. Of course i see a lots of photographer's passion, someone will ask me why i go canon's photomarathon? Some more pay Rm30.

1. Is happy that hangout with a gang of friends which love photographing
2. Experience, with mean learning from each other, sharing idea.
3. RM30 is not a problem for me ...lolx...
Experience from the competition:
1. Camera setting and sense of alert need to be ready always to capture a precious moment's photo.
2. Sense, sense and sense, searching the correct feeling.
3. Passionate and be patient for waiting a precious moment.
4. Passionate , skill and camera is a very important tools to create a great photo :) Because no edit /touch up is allow during the competition, all is real skill :P

Theme 1 : Splash
This one is the most panic theme, totally no idea where and how to search the feeling of the photo. Because everyone is shooting at the same position, you need to make you photo look different than others.

Theme 2 : Red
I spot this accidently then i shoot it, but the photo is blur because i am still not ready the setting , but i like the expression , it was very natural :P
Theme 3: Shooting in progress
This one is most easy because you can get this photo everywhere :P

Comedy photo comment.....

I know kate yean yean will hate me when i post this photo, but is really farny, hope you dont mind, if you mind, u also cannot do any thing..hahahhaa. Good jobs :P

Of course, i meet up other friends which love photographing..
My old school friend : Weng ki , Derrek low, Fannie Loke and me

My funny colleagues : Kok Seng, Shannon , Willy and me

Other great family photo...thanks kate yean yean
Too bad that inside got 2 nikonian..haha
But this photo bring nice happy hang out with a gang of friend with passionate for photographing.

The end Happy Photographing

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Singapore Trip 21/09/09 - 22/09/09

Singapore, i had been visit singapore since i am standard 6, meaning i revisit the place after 14 year later. This trip had been decide very suddenly, 2 reason for us to been there, 1 is for scene shooting , 2nd is to meet up our friend, Phylicia Tan who had potential to become a good photographer :P

We just book a ticket for firefly for Rm300 go and return. We depart at 750am and reached at 905am. if we took by bus, it will spent around 5 hour, and somemore i will be very very tired.
What you pay is what you get :P ( we want to say we are rich indirectly)

We stay at bugis which is very convenient for traveller. Last time people awalys claim that the escalator in singapore is more faster than malaysia. Now i really feel it :P

Actually i am not feeling well that few day, so sense of photographing had reduce, not much photo i took because just influence by the lazy mood.

Place visit: Sentosa park
Beside shooting human and scene, we also took some insect photo :)

Feel very touching, because johntim had been not meet his friend for few year, guess his relationship should be very good them. Still feel very sorry that for the late meet up :)
The last night before we go back, we went to
City Hall de Esplanade , which near the sea side, it was a very nice place for night scene shooting, share some photo here :P

Spent too short time at Singapore, miss out many delicious food, i still got some Sin dollars, maybe i will use it for next trip :)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro

Phew, finally i am free to post some blog , recently is quite busy, can say that everyday is full with appointment like gathering with friends, photoshooting and meet up some friends. Of course , i do enjoy my current life although is very tired but just wish to spend more time with my friends before i back to nigeria.

I buy a Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro when 2 week ago . Why i don't buy nikkor 70-300 VR ?

1. Just try to save up the money and don't invest too much on tele lens, because i think i rarely will use it unless some fashion show event or animals/bugs shooting.
2. I had do alots review of this len, of course there are many bad comment on this lens, if you not demand too much on the quality, there is not problem at all, just beware of the weather and not too dark.
3. Try to search some sample photo from flickr , the quality is not bad if you dont demand too much.

1. Cheap
2. Cheap
3. Still is cheap :)

1. Focus quite slow when at 300mm. Because it don't have VR.
2. Noisy motor if you dont mind :)
3. 300mm not sharp, need tripod if there is not enough lighting :) Maximum magnification between 200mm and 300mm is 1:2.9 to 1:2.

Maybe i try to post some sample, all photo below is original, i never edit at all.... just to share some information for the buyers.

Length : 70mm
LightSource: Cloudy
ISO : 100
Exposure time : 1/100 seconds
Aperture : F4
Length : mm
LightSource: Cloudy
ISO : 100
Exposure time : 1/200 seconds
Aperture : F6.3
Length : 300mm
LightSource: Cloudy
ISO : 1600
Exposure time : 1/250 seconds
Aperture : F5.6Length : 300mm
LightSource: auto
ISO : 1600
Exposure time : 1/400 seconds
Aperture : F5.6
Length : 220mm
LightSource: Cloudy
ISO : 1600
Exposure time : 1/125 seconds
Aperture : F5.3

Some sample of the lens.....
Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro, Nikkor 18-135mm, Nikkor 50mm

Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro
Sigma 70-300mm F/4-5.6 APO DG Macro

Conclusion, this lens quite good for using portraits shooting but marco is not that sharp if compare Tamron 90mm. Prime Len always provide better result. Of course, i believe that every photo need to be touch up to provide better visio. Sigma 70-300mm only provide normal sharpness at 70-200mm, if you able to touch up abit, that will be more perfect .

Enjoy shooting :)