Thursday, 24 December 2009

2nd trip at Abuja , Merry Christmas to all my friends

This is my 2nd trip at abuja from 25/10/2009 to 24/12/2009. Finally it come to end, as usual i pack my stuff and waiting to go back. The busy situation make the time fly fast, i miss out many event and fun time at Malaysia during this 2 month. But no choice, since i had choose this road, there is no return.

Many thing happen on year 2009, this year can consider a sad year for me but also consider a memorable year for me. I had enjoy my life better than last time. My life change starting with my 1st DSRL, i able to know many new friends, travel alone with my camera and make me found the meaning of my life.

Thanks to my best friend, Johntim which had encourage me for my 1st DSLR and the support you give during i had problem. I promise i will be a better man in coming year

At last, Merry Christmas to all my friends. I will celebrate my 1st snow virgin Christmas at Amsterdam, i promise i will capture the most beautiful moment :)

The photo is taking by Johntim, i like the star :) Hope you guys like it

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


大利来记咖啡室, quite a famous shop in macau with 猪扒包。 This shop is near with the 官也街 ( near with the 新好利咖啡餅店, bird nest egg tart ) . Actually i was just asking the people around then only able to find the place.

Travel alone make me improve my communication skill also :P kids, aunty or pretty girl, i also able dare to talk. haha.

This is a comment about the shop
全澳门最出名的猪扒包”就是出自他家——面包“外脆内软”,“糊香糊香”的;猪扒“很大一块”,“焦嫩可口”。难怪拽得不得了,每天“下午3点才开卖”, 而且“限量300个”,要买的“提前去排队”,晚去会儿就没了。其他东西倒是“全天供应”,奶茶“超好喝”,奶和茶“混合得正好”,“不甜不腻”。常常一 个猪扒包、一杯奶茶,就可以当一餐,还吃得“很满足”。

only produce 300 perday !

The pork chop is nice, but the bread is very stiff to eat. However, i just feel normal only :) Nothing special about it :)

link ->

澳门蛋挞, 瑪嘉烈蛋撻店 ,新好利咖啡餅店

瑪嘉烈蛋撻店, is the most wanted shop i wish to try their egg tart. But unfortunately, THEY are rest day at every wednesday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I damn disappointed when i knew it , but i should try next time
Openning hour
Everyday 06:30 - 20:00;
rest day on wednesday
Link ->
I think a lots visitor also stunned when see the shop was close.... haha
Since not choice, then i just simply pick one shop and try the egg tart, the shop i brought egg tart is near the 大三巴, i forget capture the shop name.
I brought 2 piece, honestly the egg tart is too sweet for me. And it was hot, even i hurt my tongue because i rush to finish it and go for next destination.Other shop that i accident pass by 新好利咖啡餅店 when i was at 官也街. This shop also is at my wanted list. This shop is famous with bird nest egg tart.

I buy 2 bird nest egg tart for try again. Is abit tasteless. But at least a try :)

I found out Macau is famous with 2 type of food, one is 猪扒包 , other is 蛋挞 , when people talking about egg tart, it make me remind Macau :)

Monday, 21 December 2009

柠檬车露 Lemoncello Gelato

低脂:檸檬車露雪糕只含 0-8% 脂肪,比市面上一般雪糕含 14%-24% 脂肪含量低。

Thanks Miki bring me visit the shop above. Before i came to macau, i had note down the food that i want to try. Lemoncello Gelato is a ice cream shop that i most interest !

I order Lemon + Mango, the quality really taste good :) Please visit and try if you go macau. I feel so happiness when first licking on the ice cream.

11:00 - 23:00 (星期日至五 Sun-Fri)
11:00 - 24:00 (星期六 Sat)


Sunday, 20 December 2009


澳门威尼斯酒店,a dream place that i want to go. I am talking about the real Venice, maybe one day my dream will come truth :)

Finally i get my first experience travel alone in this beautiful city. Last time i do mind how people look at me when i try to setup tripod and take photo for myself. But now , i learning dont care the vision from people around you, just do what you like. I had train my braveness, take photo with stranger and help people take photo too.

This is the funny part. I was asking a Filipino pretty girl help me take photo.
During i posting, there someone holding my hand -__-''' and i turn my head, there is a very funny lady laughing around. hahaha...See my reaction is so real.
okla, since like i am a friendly guy, why not we take a photo together :)
Thanks for pretty girl who help me capture the photo, sorry for make you knee down and almost expose your short skirt. Although i dont know who are you but still need to thanks again.

If fun to travel alone, is more freedom and train your EQ, the problem is not people help me take nice only :)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Last breakfast - 银龙粉面茶餐厅

This the place i taken my breakfast near by my hostel. Because when i wake up that time already 12pm, i guess i am too tired for the few day trips. After i take my bath and i call to catherine is there any good restaurant to introduce.

And she say that is a restaurent call 银龙粉面茶餐厅 in front of my staying place. I just bringing my map and try to look for the location. Maybe i had been familiar with travel alone, so looking for a location is just too easy for me.. hahaha
I order a ying yong and prawn egg souce rice for my lunch, I like to eat the prawn at Hong kong, just like very fresh :) Maybe i just can say , Hong Kong is all about food ...chinese food. And got different type of choice.

This is the end of Hong Kong trip, hopefully i can revisit again on next year. After Lunch, i travel alone again to Macau, a boring city which mention by all of my friends.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Other reason i must visit hong kong for this year, is because to meet up my net friend which we had know each other for 8 year. How i meet her? We meet each other on yahoo pool game, sound very so inconceivable, then we got keep in touch with writing letter to each other too :)

8 year really quite a long time, finally my promise come truth.
Catherine, thanks again accompany with me for 9 hours, i know you not feeling well, but you still warmly bring me walk around Hong Kong Island, i wont forget the 9 hour with you :)
You are always friendly, pretty and your smile really make my heart melt :)

We just had our dinner at 翠華茶餐廳, chit chat around. Well the food and service was not bad, because i mention that i want to eating nice local food , and Catherine bring me to here.

Below is the item we order
炒公仔面 - Taste better than maggie goreng at Malaysia :P

refer link :

Saturday, 12 December 2009


谢谢catherine 带我光临香港出名的鸡蛋仔,还记得那天下起细雨,两个撑着雨伞在漫步中,一口一口的吃着鸡蛋仔,感觉果然不一样。。

Reference link:

Thursday, 10 December 2009


来咯!!!。。阿~ 其实并不是讲的那么恐怖,是有点臭臭的,但是当你要下去的口感,真的是好吃的, 不过回去房间的时候,每个人的衣服都是臭豆腐的味道 -_-'''
好笑的是,如果你买上30 元以上,你可以换5 块的饮料coupon,当然老板自己店。。那张couple 是无过期的。。你可以任何时间用。。。我就点了一杯珍珠奶茶来喝。。。不要浪费嘛。。。


義順牛奶公司是一家香港很出名的甜品店,而且还是很多游客会来的地方.我们吃的这一家分行就是在车记车仔面隔壁。 我们吃完了车仔面过后,就毫不犹豫的到访義順牛奶公司 ,既来之,则安之,成语不好。。不会形容


All branches => Click me

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Miss out my friend's wedding ...

Congratulate My Lovely cousin Cherry, My Dear Friends , Joey, Chun Heong, Heng and Sharon. This few day i just keep surfing the facebook and look all the wedding photos. Feel myself really miss out all the most happening time, how nice if i can be there and capture the most beautiful moment for my friends. But i cant :(

Sunday, 6 December 2009


我就点了芒果的饮料。。芒果口感很好。很鲜甜。。。。好喝 :)记得要试!







海景粥店,值得推荐 !

粥底不算綿,勝在不太味精,清清腸胃還不錯的。里面的料理十足!加上油炸鬼, 吃起来,感觉很好,很幸福的感觉。。哈哈