Thursday, 26 October 2006

My 23rd Birthday at Penang

Hehe..this is my first blog, finally i can put something special to this blog...Well this year is quite special way to celebrate my 23rd birthday.

24 october 2006, Jennifer and me also overslept and rush to meet my dear friend ( Samuel, Lai Hui and ren yuan) at gurney plaza, luckly my litter jennifer bring me the right way to gurney plaza, as you know i am KL kia...dont know the direction in penang..haha

So we have yummy lunch at Fish and Co.. Have been a long time didnt meet with my penang friends, found that the litter samuel is growing fatter....opsss...sorry lai hui say you belong "sui zong ( 水种).
( My dear brother 水肿 Samuel)
At end, really feel want to kill them all, just wonder they brought me a nice chocolate cake make me so happy....but the staff have to sing "happy birthday" song in front all the customer. What a weird , suprise and shy to me.....However Thanks again Sameul, Lai Hui and Ren yuan.

( Handsome Ren Yuan and Pretty Lai Hui )

( Me and Jennifer )

Well , we follow the road map draw by Lai Hui in tisu paper, We success reach the romantic, misterious place..." 32 At The Mansion". This place is beside the beach, the design like lighting, environment is very suitable for couple to have a romantic and comfortable dinner.

( Is a waste that miss the chances sit beside the window)

Our main course, yummy, but cant make me full.

Our dessert with ice-cream and aPudding ( inside with melaka sugar)

Thanks again to my lovely princess jennifer teoh for accompany and have a romantic dinner with me. Hehe Love you