Saturday, 27 December 2008

Have a special Christmas eve~

Cruizy thanks for the invitation to the funny and special Christmas eve party. Is a wonderful night and let me see the different kind of celebration with Brazillian and other country models~
Waoo... feel want to try their Brazillian's food, but i quite full ~
Robson, the muscle guy with white shirt, teach us play a card game call "siup siup", when you get the certain card , you need to perform certain action. The loser, drink a small bowl of whiskey. Stupid cruizy lose few time , then me become the innocent guy to help her share abit. Drink few time, i already feel high =.=
from right ~Sherrei, Shyhua, Cruizy, Mathew and me ~You guys are friendly and awesome~Nice to meet you.
What everyone is looking?

hehe...Yup is music time~ i like their way of playing guitar~
I not good in posting. see how the model post~hahaa...ok Cruizy, i promise i wont show the "vince" ( V ) again. I will learn to be MAN.
Waller, a handsome guy ~but abit shy....He is taller than me and handsome~~hahha...all the best to you at Singapore~

Nice to meet you guys, thanks for giving me a warm christmas eve~
Then Cruizy and me went up to genting highland at 2am, i also not sure what wrong with me~Maybe in drunk mood and still awake~ it was 3am, still so many people walking around, WTF.
Starbuck always my choice when i at genting~Dark Cherry Mocha Fracuppuccino~ehhh....taste ok ok was a damn cold night, i just wearing a T-shirt~

Thanks cruizy, i will keep your advice~ I will make some achievement for myself.
1. Keep fit + build body muscle
2. Walk with confident
3. No more V
4. Keep cool~
5. Try don't be so IT look !

Reach home at 6.00am, and sleep.....then 2pm, go to genting AGAIN !!!!!!!!!! With Johntim and 3 pretty angel~ i can die soon....

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas~金狗表..金狗表..金狗哦特尾

Merry Christmas to everyone~ This year i not hang out to every shopping centre and visit their decoration. haha, recently quite busy on job and personal matters. Whatever, it already go smooth~Decoration from KLCC, seem like every year is the same~hahaha
White Christmas from Pavilion, i like it.
I like this the most~ One Utama. I like white Christmas so much.

Where i am going tonight? A friend party, but is abit tension & nervous to me, is time to test my communication skill since i everyday only talk to PC. Hope i can overcome it,
Foong yee, you are right ~"make something diff to your life sometimes..."

Merry Christmas to everyone , have a precious time with your family, friends and love one.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Had been emotion for a week...

Again, now i alone at OneU starbuck , listening music , do my jobs, try to create some mood for myself, else my senior going to kill me.

Last week is a bad week for me, everyone is scare of my and not dare disturb me when saw my personal display message at MSN. Combination of personal issue and working pressure make myself become tension. And i had been insomnia for a week, almost sleep at 2 or 3am, not sure why it happen to me again.

Nowday just try to listen some music while i sleep. Last week just done appraisal when my manager, some improvement that i need to be concern.

1. try to improve knowledge in management and technical
2.try to adapt in any situation. Thing may changes anytime.

hmmm..maybe he right, i may need to use sometime to adapt one environment. I not a smart personal, my learning process is abit slow. I think need to find some way to improve and learn to handle the problem. Some motivation? not sure..... cannot find anyway to motivate myself, i am easy to give up easily nowday, i no longer like last time, like challenge, hate to be give up, try many way to make jobs done.

I think i need to say sorry to "someone" again. Hope she can forgive me on what i did. ( I not make people pregnant ar...plz dont misunderstanding). Just feel sorry and don't know how to handle, but i will learn from mistake and learn not to be urge take some action.

Sometime i really not understand girl, is it every girl don't know to appreciate the effort? I really feel tired and boring. Its has been 1 year break up with you, not sure which date, but i can remember is end of decemeber. But you still are same, maybe we are stay in different type of world, you never know about me, and i never understand you.

White Christmas at One Utama, i like White Christmas . I had been invite by some friend go to BBQ and go clubbing during Christmas eve. I really not sure where am i that time, if my problem settle, i will going to penang and attend my friend wedding. Or maybe i will be alone at starbuck again..... hahaha.. just follow my mood on where to go.

Merry Christmas~~

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Ulang Corner..Most delicious Kelantanese Food

Feel boring the food in your living area? Let go to try something special. The place at located at Bandar Puteri, Punchong. This was my first time looking food at that area. Thanks Mr CheongLeong for bringing us to try the special nasi kerabu. Mr Cheong Leong say that the food is special, and he say rice is very nice. Since you say like tat, then let have a try. The pricing of food is not that expensive.

The nasi kerabu is mix of herbs, the rice is cooked with many types of herbs.There are also finely sliced "daun kesom" a strong, minty, and peppery flavor laksa leaf, sliced "bunga kantan" torch ginger flower, sliced small onions, slice cucumber, beansprout, fish floss and fish crackers.

They say that the herbal rice and those vege is good for detoxification.
Thai and Hong, cannot believe what they are eating~hahaha...Some people may not accept the taste of the vege, because the smell of leaf is very strong. Imagine a tiger who always eating meat, suddenly you ask him to eat carrot~hahaha
Mr Cheong Leong, he like the food so much, i think past generation, he must be a goat. haha

To balance back your appetite, beer always is the best choice for us. Thanks for the bill, my boss,
Mr Cheong Leong.

Restoran Ulang Corner
No 26, Jalan Puteri ½,
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

4th day Pulau Manukan , Sabah

After climb down from Mount kinabalu.

The next day, we went to
Pulau Manukan for relaxing (Actually we already very tired and wish to sleep whole day)

Some funny screen....taken by my foolish camera. haha

Me : Hey, must capture well ok? Timing must correct !!!
Camera man: OKOK

Ready???? JUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aiya , fail jor...... let try again =.=|||

Let make some post first ~The power ranger ~
YaahooO~~~~~~~~~ finally get a nice one ( Actually we jump more than 10 time to get a better shoot =.= ||||)

Pulau Manukan is located off the coast of downtown Kota Kinabalu. From Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, a 2-minute drive or 10-minute walk will bring you to the jetty at Jesselton Point (formerly Sabah Port Authority ferry terminal).

There are a number of tour operators here that will bring you to Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (which consists of the islands of Pulau Gaya, Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan, Pulau Sulug and Pulau Mamutik). The rental is charged per boat, which can range anywhere between RM100 and RM200. One boat can fit 4-6 people. A short 30-minute breezy boat ride will bring you here.


In general, the beach at Pulau Manukan is a bit less spectacular compared to the one in Pulau Sapi. Nonetheless, the its shortcomings above the water surface is compensated by the rich and colourful marine life that you can find underneath it. Really, people come to Pulau Manukan for the diving and snorkeling.

There is a resort on the island called Manukan Island Resort, operated by a leisure outfit by the name of Sutra Sanctuary Lodges. Other than that, there are basic tourist facilities provided on the beach, such as water-based activity centre (for renting kayaks, snorkeling gears, life jackets, etc), a small café and public bathroom.

Overall, I think the beach is quite nice. There are still plenty of tourists coming here for the underwater actions. In general, the beach can be regarded as sufficiently long for your personal space where you can spread your beach towels and put on your sunglasses.

I like the blue sky~ i wish to turn into a bird and flying around the sky~

eehh ?missile?asteroid? superman?
I like the effect of the sun~ It make me feel good
There is it, the island of Manukan, beware of jelly fish.
The water is clean, but the coral all was dead....and the fish is not much too, compare i go phuket and perhentian. Really is nothing special at the island, unless you wish to have a swim and sun bath there and looking some pretty and sexy foreign :D

The entrance of the jetty ~ try to compare few counter when brought your ticket and the equipment, some may offer cheaper :D
ehhh....this look very familiar.... ohhh !!!!!! IS the place where Clark kent change his clothes~haha

A sweet memory for all of us ~ Miss you guys so much ~
I still remember we playing the game card, what the word for type car......word for type bao....word for the artist name with jie.

Not sure the game call what name, the rules is
1. Each member must create a theme, let say me call "honda", friend A call "Toyota"
2.Each member have distribute the card
3.Each member open their card one by one, if me and Honda got show the "number 10"'s card, then must call his name ( let say "honda"), the slower have to take all the card of the winner.
4.The person collect the most card is loser :D

Something that always done by blogger. I make one for myself too

--The End--

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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

New Gadget Nokia N82

Yup, just change my old Motorola E398 to Nokia N82, the old one had follow me for 4 year.I brought this new N82 phone from JohnMah.
Overall is a very good phone for me. Last time i did compare N95, E66 and N82, But finally, i make a decision on N82, why? Because i don't like slider phone.
Just install a Garmin software into my N82, thanks a lots from Mr Chai help. I also install Fring!
,divx player and oxford dictionary. Still not very familiar with installation step of software.

the most convenience for me about the phone, i can sleep at the bed and play MSN~hahaha...because it consists a WIFI function~hahaha..

Some photo taken by N82, 5 megapixel~ I no need bring my camera go out liao~haha

Overall, i loving it....