Monday, 3 November 2008

1st day on kota kinabalu..

Sorry to some of my friend who keep asking me that why i have post about my kk trip. I had been sick /fever since i back from there. Even my colleagues say i am "snake king" =.=

Okla.. dang dang... firstly, let me introduce my buddies.
From left to right, Chee wang, Jack, John khoo ( Why so many ppl call john???), Shally and Irene
Actually our plane is departure at 7.50am, but the air asia had delay it to 12.50 pm...aiiii...
After 2 hour+ flight, we had arrived to Kota kinabalu. We took an unser taxi to the hotel. If you had more than 4 person, suggest you took unser. What i saw along the journey, i found that malay people is more than chinese. Some look like philippines too.
The hostel is allocate at Jalan Gaya. It call Akinabalu Youth Hostel . When i saw the outlook from the building, i already feel disappointed. arrhhhggg.. maybe i stay too much nice hotel at oversea, so my taste become high already~hahahaha.... somemore i am not organizer, cannot complain too much. My mission is to climb at the low peak of mount kinabalu !!
Outlook of the hostel
Consider acceptable la... not that bad. But only got 2 computer....
Our room...I think is RM25 person pernight. So we 6 person sleep together. I mean sleep together in one room ya.... hahaha.. So let say, if you only got 2 person, so you need to share room with other people
arrhhg...MOUNT KINABALU !!!
After we settle down our things, we went out to Signal Hill Observatory. We saw this "thin" building... seem like is a hotel :D

Here is it. Signal Hill Observatory is the highest point in city,you can catch a good view of the city. Other word, couple love to being here..hahahhaa
The view of kota kinabalu city.
A group photo of us~haha...
Dont forget to buy a "kampung adidas" when you climb mount kinabalu. But mine one look like is "Addidas + Puma". It just cost Rm5.80. Lucky got my size. You can try to find at those kedai runcit or "what also sell" those shop. No need go to find at those big shopping centre.

Based my experience, yup, it is very comfortable when i use for climbing up to mount kinabalu, but when i meet up those road with small rocks, big rocks, this "kampung adidas" seem like not that realiable. Because the bottom of the shoes is rubber, it is not that strong to againt the hard rock....not hard rock cafe ya :D

Will update next post soon and photo....


johntim said...

Cham.... sick so long... I think this sick is because u enjoy and play so much =)

God punish u... play too much =)

Siu KeOnG said...

enjoy ur head..u go to walk 20 hour see..


yo.. how come your kampung adidas sooooo cheap?! I bought at RM7.00 ler..