Wednesday, 11 July 2007

KTM in future

Will this happen in our future? Well i cant imagine, just feel like going to sauna everyday. And become sandwich.

KTM=Keretapi Ter"lousy" Malaysia
KTM=Kanasai Train Malaysia

Monday, 2 July 2007

Camp Forest, kepong, chocolate fondue !!

Finally i able to get a place that can eat chocolate fondue and cheese fondue. Due to last time i fail to eat Fondue House at valentine eve, now i successfully to try it.

Camp Forest, i think most of the people no able to find this place, beside it is hide from some building beside the road. See nyin intro this place at our previous gathering.

Really got feeling that eating at forest
We hav dinner at the booth and under our foot is a pond

Chicken Steak with mushroom saurce, coleslaw, rice + ice honey jasmine tea. But i prefer chicken chop :P, because bigger

Organic Soya bean ( Intro by a waiters, he say is healthy) + Italian spagetti bolognese

Here come our chococolate fondue with starfruit, watermelon,honeydew, green apple,mango.

Taste good, the chocolate is nice, but it is too big portion for 2 person. RM19.70
RM21.90 for cheese fondue. The Cheese and Chocolate Fondue only come with fruits.

CAMP FOREST RESTAURANT, Lot 13848, Jalan 53, Taman Desa Jaya, Kepong (Tel: 016-229 6949). Business Hours: Daily, noon to 1am.

More Information:
The star

P/s: there is some ant and mosquito, advice wear long pants.

Choir gathering + chea yin birthday

After 5 years, we together again. This is most complete gathering that we ever have before since 4 years ago. Everyone have their own busy, working , studying overesas. We just like a happy family, we can have non-stop chatting and can laugh all the while.

Lets look back what we have done for the past 5-6 years. Guys ready your guys and search of your face. Dont get shock if you feel that is was not you. haha
[Year 2000] - We build each other relationship by join choir.

[Year 2000] - Become Champion of selangor and going Penang for kebangsaan stage. So you still remember the time we practice , play, and fight our mission together?

[Year 2000] - Our first trip to Kuala Selangor. Still remember how we going? Where we live? Going with who? What we done? :P

[Year 2002] - Our 2nd trip going Pork dickscon, still remember Alex going with his motor, and we drive car and act like security guard to make sure he reach there safety. [Year 2004] - questyeong birthday, sorry brother, hope that you found out who the one make you become so handsome. hehe
[Year 2004] - SeeNyin birthday, forget why we have to make this kind of emotion. Any idea?
[Year 2004] - WengThai 'murder' CheongLeong during my was too sad he kill by Pizzahut. [Year 2004] - WengThai birthday, secret recipe, Kepong
[Year 2005] - Sunway Lagon. Other crazy thing we did.[Year 2005] - SeeNyin birthday.
[Year 2006] - Chea Yin birthday. Some of you guys change hair style.

[Year 2006] - Pulau Perhentian very very nice trip...

Friends foverer guys. Cheers. Feeling nice that we are together again.