Monday, 2 July 2007

Choir gathering + chea yin birthday

After 5 years, we together again. This is most complete gathering that we ever have before since 4 years ago. Everyone have their own busy, working , studying overesas. We just like a happy family, we can have non-stop chatting and can laugh all the while.

Lets look back what we have done for the past 5-6 years. Guys ready your guys and search of your face. Dont get shock if you feel that is was not you. haha
[Year 2000] - We build each other relationship by join choir.

[Year 2000] - Become Champion of selangor and going Penang for kebangsaan stage. So you still remember the time we practice , play, and fight our mission together?

[Year 2000] - Our first trip to Kuala Selangor. Still remember how we going? Where we live? Going with who? What we done? :P

[Year 2002] - Our 2nd trip going Pork dickscon, still remember Alex going with his motor, and we drive car and act like security guard to make sure he reach there safety. [Year 2004] - questyeong birthday, sorry brother, hope that you found out who the one make you become so handsome. hehe
[Year 2004] - SeeNyin birthday, forget why we have to make this kind of emotion. Any idea?
[Year 2004] - WengThai 'murder' CheongLeong during my was too sad he kill by Pizzahut. [Year 2004] - WengThai birthday, secret recipe, Kepong
[Year 2005] - Sunway Lagon. Other crazy thing we did.[Year 2005] - SeeNyin birthday.
[Year 2006] - Chea Yin birthday. Some of you guys change hair style.

[Year 2006] - Pulau Perhentian very very nice trip...

Friends foverer guys. Cheers. Feeling nice that we are together again.

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questyeong said...

(T_T)... memories... MEMORIES!! ARGH!!