Thursday, 29 January 2009

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge @ One Utama

我真係可爱!!! 我系少女!! 我要吃雪糕!!! Just watch the movie of All well ends well, overall acceptable and comedy. I just little memory of the previously movie, just less the mou lei tou 周星驰. Just feel that only 古天乐 & 吴君如 is the main influence character to bring up the comedy of the movie. A movie must watch during the moo moo year.

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Had been pass by this cafe everyday in One Utama, but i never visit to this shop before. Thanks for Emily, really not doubt that the chocolate/drinks is really scrumptious and the price is reasonable. The lounge is at great atmosphere, relaxing and comfortable. It would be my next place to indulge myself during weekends.

Believe me , the price for the choc drinks/fondue is worth than Starbuck. Although i always visit starbuck/Coffee bean, but this time i really found a truth place for visiting.
I order a Ice Mocha (RM10.90, cheaper than starbucks :)
A cold Mocha concoction with beautiful swirls chocolate inside the grass. This Belgian iced mocha beverage is made with coffee and chocolate with a scoop of premium chocolate ice cream.
At the bottom of the grass, you really can found there is few coffee bean. Do i ate it? Yeap~ i do try to eat, it a other kind of feeling to taste a new things.
Lilian, you should try it, since you are the one who eat the coffee bean at office ~haha.

Fair lady order by Emily (RM9.90) ,
You also can order that come with a mug and warmer (RM12.90). So you can always keep the warm of the drink and enjoy the primitive taste of the drinks.
Another specialist food of theobrama, is the chocolate founde =Chocolate Affair (RM 25.90), It came with strawberry bananas, oranges and kiwi fruit. The fruit is fresh and delicious. Try to imagine the taste mix up chocolate with strawberry.The melted chocolate inside the warmer is very dense, you really can taste the truth flavor of the Belgian chocolate.I still cannot forget the taste of it. Will visit next time for other drinks~
Yummy, i love chocolate and coffee.....
Theobroma Chocolate Lounge a great place for sweet tooth, there is other branch at Pavilion KL and Bangsar Village

Call for enquiries.
Bangsar Village at 03-2284 9072
Pavilion KL at 03-2143 4149
1 Utama at 03-7725 0623

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Close Business Dinner , 收工酒

Not sure how to write 收工酒 in english, so i call it as Close Business Dinner ..hehe. .

This year, i not able join my ex company's close business dinner, so i join my currently company.
Well, is a good time that we all sit together and have fun around. And thanks for my boss Sunny for the dinner, and i will remember you that you ask me to work more hard.

Early we plan to make a booking to Yuen Steamboat but unfortunately , their business is too good so the booking is full. Lucky i able to make a booking to Summer BBQ & Steamboat,else my head get chop..... The place is quite stranger for me. But it is just opposite of Yuen Steamboat.

The Summer BBQ steamboat is at 3rd floor and 4 floor which is a open air area. I think is very suitable for those special where got firework, then you can bring your gf to the open air area and have a dinner. hehe.
You need to take a lift and go up.Do you saw the Yuen Steambaot? Yea, it just opposite. I also use a long time and get into the place.
Nice view from the top, i think you able to catch some firework from sunway area.
Actually the food is not much compare than Yuen, but acceptable if you not choosy.
This pk Johntim is busy pick the prawn...... really kia su , just kidding :D
This is the open area that i mention earlier. Because we feel that there is drizzling soon, so we move to the 3rd floor. Aisk.....but actually there is no rain on that day.
Handsome and pretty is having their dinner. Actually i prefer there will be a big round table that can able to fit us in. Because it will be more easy for chatting and sharing laugh together.
They also got Mami Chicken, but i still prefer the Yuen's chicken wing. Not to say Summer BBQ copy Yuen, but summer BBQ's chicken is every part of the chicken, but Yuen's just provide chicken wings.
Thanks for Lilian for helping me take the nice ice cream. I think you spend a lots effort and time for this, now i believe that last time you really work as ice cream girl.~ ahhaha

And other different between the 2 restaurant. Summer BBQ provide free refill for ice lemon tea, mango juice , orange juice +++ But the BBQ things like prawn or meat, you need to pass the material that you choose to the staff, and the staff will BBQ for you, just like jogoya style.
Our team, the most noisy and most rude team in company, the words fuck or shit always can hear from our side. Hahaha... Yup, my team only have 2 lady. Anyone interest to join my team? hehe... our guys is super pity and sick of such situation.

Love you guys so much. Thanks for the happiness and help that carry along the year of 2008.

Happy Chinese New Year.....Huat ah Huat ah~ 发呀。。。发呀。。。

Summer BBQ & Steamboat Restaurant
23-3, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Daaran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway 46150,
Petaling Jaya.
017-669 7833

5% discount before 1 day booking, and 3% credit card charges. ( I not very happy because the boss swap the card then only he tell me that there is a 3% credit card charges, damm it, plz beware....)

Friday, 16 January 2009

A song for employee~

Nowday quite busy my stuff, every second is important for me, but sometime i also need to find someway to relax up myself, like listen some song? hehe

I know year end is coming, everyone are worry the bad economy for this year, increment , bonus, or career path? hehe.. Of course, everyone is seeking a better chance or different life style. Yesterday littlenotebook just remind a song from Sam hui, i think this song is very suit the feel for employee ~hehehe, most of you guys sure listen this song b4

半斤八两(Not much to choose between, i translate it by google translator~haha)


最弊波士郁 d 发威(癫过鸡)






And another funny post by karen for past few days.

i keep listen this song for whole evening, and i cannot stop laughing..hahahahah
tus my barreh~ i know you love my cock.....

I share this youtube at my msn, maybe you can check it out..

Happy friday....Hurray~

Saturday, 3 January 2009

New Year, New Life in 2009

Need to work hard in 2009, forget the unhappiness and remind myself don't repeat the mistake i did.

Try to be more concentrate on work, think positive, find solution, planning every task and set a target to accomplish. I worst in planning.

Read more although i hate reading. Figure the way how to remember those notes easily.

Try to motivate myself on work, don't be late to office again. Always be ready and think rationally, not to trouble people again..

Nothing much want to say...wish time will prove everything.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Christmas day with special friends

Yea, i went to genting highland at Christmas eve, after 6 hour again, i went to genting highland again. =.= . Johntim thanks for the ride, finally you know where am i staying . haha. You guys are funny la, non-stop laughing inside the car which make the journey become more crazy.
Beside driver, second role become photographer for pretty girls, 3 pretty white angels~ when can i get my dslr...aisk. need to plan.
I like the color of the photo, it look white. leng lui mou?haha
The wolf of the day, nice canon 400D, bu someone who call "Cindy"at facebook say that the color not nice, after that say the model not nice~ you damn many comment la...haha
On the way go to help genting highland build road( Mean lost money and help genting build new road).... wahahahaha.....
Karen, Shirley, Lily and fat Johntim. ehmm....johntim i think you stand the wrong place la. hahaa. all happy right? Because we help genting casino "keep fit", so they no need put so many money at safety box. So kind are we ~hahaha
Karen, Shirley, Lily and fat SiuKeong. My face look damm fat ~ arrrhhgg.......

Well, everyone get a "Christmas present" from genting casino~ Of course, i get the most~hhaa.. So as old people said : " What you earn should share out, so next time will get better feedback", so i spent for the steamboat dinner.....

Sorry guys, next time i only bring you all go to eat the Tak Fok ok? I don't know there is a long queue.hehe. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all....

When we go to build road again???hahaha