Friday, 26 October 2007

Birthday at Luna bar

Luna bar is on the top of Menara Pan Global.
At here you can see the view of KLCC and have a romantic dinner.
I do make a reservation for the nice view, and the staff prove me a place sit beside the window, is was good because you can see the beautiful view of KL.

The sit beside window.

I order an cheese pizza (RM30) , ice coffee(RM9)
Due to my friend is wearing skirt, and is not suitable for her to sit at the floor, i request to change the sit to chair. Staff is very friendly.

There is 2nd floor, the view is much more better :D , you can see the klcc more clearly.

Toilet also nice
Thanks for the time spend and dinner, jennifer.

Phuket - 5th day, Bye bye phuket

This is the last day i at phuket, the time is pass fast. Really do enjoy myself in this 5 days. You can stay away from the traffic jam in KL, boring building and bz life.
I miss the hotel's bed also, is very comfortable.

People in phuket is very friendly and polite. No matter what kind of skin are you, they always say thanks and welcome to you. And here is hard for me to find a dustbin, but there is not much rubbish you can see at the floor.

My last breakfast, opss beef burger....
The Menu, just 80Batt
Banana pan cake, is a quite big size. 60 Batt, recommend to try
I do try before at those stall beside the road, but that one is something like roti pisang, but taste good, 30batt.

Some snap shoot after breakfast
Pack and go to air port, 500 thai batt to air port.
Flying back to my hometown

Back to reality again......... KTM FULL OF PEOPLE
And i become roti sardin inside the train again......gohsss...

Thanks for the happy time in phuket, i love phuket !

Phuket - 4th Day Free & easy

Today we decide to free & easy our trip, walk around phuket by ourself and look for thai massage.

Jungceylon-the International Shopping and Leisure Destination in Patong.
Those stall beside the road with dust.
Friendly and muscle Mr policeman, is hard for me for find a fat policemen in phuket, maybe they didnt drink teh tarik and eat nasi lemak :D

Next....Intro by the shop that we have lunch at first day
So we took a package 900Batt

30 min Thai Herba Steam
1 and an half hour Thai Massage

The service is very good,the staff is friendly. For those who need a massage, my advice is go to those more high class, just a 200 batt different compare those at the road.

I do enjoy on the thai massage, most of the time they do more masssage on leg, i can tell you, it pain like hell. After 2 hour struggle, i feel release alots.

I so miss the thai massage after i come back from malaysia
Cheap + good skill + serve you like a king.
Baan tammachart thai spa is branded day spa,
located in Rat-u-thit Songroi Pee Road, Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket. Baan tammachart has two branches which will open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


Next trip .... Fantasea show !!!!!!!!
1400 batth person inlcude go and back transport.

What is phuket fantasea about? -->
Costing 3,500 million Baht, Phuket FantaSea is certainly one of Phuket’s most interesting theme parks and has quickly become a tourist destination in its own right. Promising to be the ‘ultimate in nighttime entertainment on Phuket’, Phuket FantaSea is a ‘Las Vegas-style’ show ‘inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage’. A curious combination of high-technology, pyrotechnics, and tales of times gone by, the 140-acre site houses a number of attractions exploring Thailand’s myths, legends and history. Visitors are treated to battle reenactments, magicians who make elephants fly and disappear, ‘big show’ song and dance numbers, and aerial ballet. The Palace of the Elephants, 3000-seat theatre is of particular interest.

The show is great, it is worth to have chance to see such a big stage, and completely wonderful show. The stage design is very attractive. Visio and sound was great !
Must watch it when you visit phuket

I didnt take the package for buffet dinner at the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant. Here mythical Kinnarees, half-bird and half-woman of legendary beauty and graciousness, look after their guests like proverbial kings. Amidst a mystical Himmaphan forest setting, visitors can indulge in a sumptuous feast of Royal Thai dishes and delicacies from popular international cuisine, prepared by some of Thailand's finest chefs.

Our supper at night ....Pizza, mussle, fish....650Batt
We dapao at the restaurent , and eat at the top building of my hotel.
Damm enjoy, it just beside the swimming pool.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Phuket - 3rd Day Night style + jalan jalan

We decide go to those food stall and look for "local" food. The stall is near by our hotel, just walk 5-8 min distance. Barbecue stick again.Price with 10 batt, 15 batt or 30 batt, depend what you take.

I do try on the breast chicken , 30 batt, sweet and not spicy. But the meat of the chicken is less.
I like the juice shake, you can combine with many type of juice , yogurt or oreo cookies.
I do order a oreo and yogurt. Damm nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just 20batt, you guys must have a try.

30 batt per pack, i try of it. Inside a kaya.Just normal taste but can make you full :)

Night style in phuket

(biggest shopping center in phuket)

(Che Guevara)

(You want to dance with "him"?)
(Can you guess "his" underwear color? back is sexy, front i dont know)

If you walk the street around 11pm, there is alots of "chicken" waiting for you, and they will come to ask whether you want to make love with him or no....
i do have the experience on that.... I mean give ppl asking.

Vodka only 120Batt( RM 12)

Specially for the smoker --->