Friday, 26 October 2007

Phuket - 5th day, Bye bye phuket

This is the last day i at phuket, the time is pass fast. Really do enjoy myself in this 5 days. You can stay away from the traffic jam in KL, boring building and bz life.
I miss the hotel's bed also, is very comfortable.

People in phuket is very friendly and polite. No matter what kind of skin are you, they always say thanks and welcome to you. And here is hard for me to find a dustbin, but there is not much rubbish you can see at the floor.

My last breakfast, opss beef burger....
The Menu, just 80Batt
Banana pan cake, is a quite big size. 60 Batt, recommend to try
I do try before at those stall beside the road, but that one is something like roti pisang, but taste good, 30batt.

Some snap shoot after breakfast
Pack and go to air port, 500 thai batt to air port.
Flying back to my hometown

Back to reality again......... KTM FULL OF PEOPLE
And i become roti sardin inside the train again......gohsss...

Thanks for the happy time in phuket, i love phuket !

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