Monday, 23 April 2007

FASHION ON 1” 2007 at One Utama

Last saturday , i has been date with my pretty friend, foong yee who take part of the event and invite me to attend the "FASHION ON 1” 2007 at One Utama.

I think this is the first time of my life to watch such a great fashion show, because usually i watch in tv only. However i do miss the 'woman secret' show on saturday 4pm, because unable to find a parking at One U. No chance to see the "free" show.

Most of the model is from russian. Totally cant believe it , they are totally tall, great body shape, blue eyes and fair. Totally just like a babe dolls. There is some malay and chinese model also. And i meet the companion of the TV reality show " I want to be model", he was cool and handsome, 190 cm tall than me 7cm only.Why he can be model, but i cant ? *crying....

( Champanion of "I want to be model")

( Russian Hots babe )

( Yoyo, Tropicana Life's fashion show)

(I think she is the pretties model,Lnna from russian)

(3 Model from sendirian berhard, siu keong, foong yee, jennifer)