Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Souled Out~ valentine eve

Happy Valentine~

Well, I plan to celebrate my valentine at 13th Feb, because just worry that Kl will have a serious traffic jam at 14th Feb. So i decide to have my dinner at Fondue House which intro by my boss. So i start my journy at 6pm and leave my office, i quite nervous la, because i not sure the road. haha

Reach there about 7pm ( because i accident miss turn, then go to holand liao)
After park my car, we have a walk and search for the favour fondue house. At the end, i also cant find it, then i go to ask by the person who is a malay, work at jockey.

Siukeong: Abang, kamu tahu sini ada satu restoran panggil "fondue house"
Mr jockey : ooh..fondue house, kah sebelah sini sahaja, tetapi sudah tutup lama, saya nampak semalam ada orang balik pindah barang, i tak tahu dia sudah pindah, atau bankupt.
Siukeong : (-.-)

Totally give them "zha dao炸到"
No choice, faster call my boss and ask for other place.....haha
Well, he intro me "Souled out " or "koream BBQ". So i prefer go for western Style.

There is alots of hot chic and handsome guy inside the souled out. If you want to enjoy food and enjoy looking to babe, i suggest you sit outdoor.

( The chicken Chop with mushroom source, nice, just RM19)

( Aloha pizza, with turkey ham and cheese, yummy, just RM11)
The food there is not expensive as what i expect. But the food is normal if compare with chilie or TGI friday. Yummy ! Happy valentine to my friends.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Eyes of Malaysia

Here is some pic that i took at titiwangsa.

Highlights of the International WaterSky Spectacular include the unique Eye On Malaysia viewing wheel, imaginative images on screens of water, mesmerizing laser beam sequences, awesome pyrotechnics, choreographed water ski performances, breathtaking wave rider stunts

(You can see this at the main door)

(Union Ring + jagung )
( mesmerizing laser beam sequences)

( Just wonder, why the light for one of the gondolas is gone)

( firework..yea.....)
I being there at sunday, there is a lots of Chinese too. So no need worry pf your personality secure.
The firework show ,imaginative images on screens of water, mesmerizing laser beam sequences are started at 9.30Pm, but i saw newspaper mention is 9pm.
The firework display only at friday , saturday and sunday.
So i suggest that better to stay more than 10 minute after the firework show and let all the people go home , then only you go home. Because the trafic is quite jam.

There is some complain that i saw , feel free try to read

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


要吃龟玲膏 ,请到恭和堂啦!

Does this sound familiar to the advertisement we heard in the radio.

After i saw my x-colleague eatinout intro the 龟玲膏. I got the feeling want to try out.

Since long time i havent visit PJ street ,then i go for have a try eat 龟玲膏, but the taste really not good as i expect.

Just like eating a normal jelly and too soft for me, and the small bowl cost me RM6-RM7( cant remember)

( 龟玲膏 + syrup (sugar mixed with some honey))

The most tasteful 龟玲膏 that i eat is at low yat 阿叶靓汤, Only cost RM4.99, if you taking set lunch , then the 龟玲膏 only RM0.99
I will go for visit again, i miss they chicken with steam, 闷鸡, and their herba soup...

After the way go home, the old kotaraya had renovation ,not old like last time. Quite beautiful and class.

Friday, 2 February 2007

疯人馆 Nutz Cafe

Last wednesday night, i went for my ex-colleagues gathering near Time Square. So we decide to have dinner at 疯人馆 . ( Nutz cafe)I totally get suprise when saw the name..haha

The interior design is creative and comfortable, you can also choose to sit inside the jail and write, draw anything you like at the wall too. There is game like UNO,poker and chess that you can play with your friends.

I think this restoran is belong to Taiwan people, because the waiters seem like not understand cantonese and their accent is more to taiwan.

Well, there are a lots of food that you can order,the taste for me , just normal like outside. Conclusion it was a nice place for gathering with friends.

( Ice Chocolate and Ice Lemon Tea )

( My friend order, Portugal Cheese Rice )

( My cheese Chicken Chop)

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