Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Souled Out~ valentine eve

Happy Valentine~

Well, I plan to celebrate my valentine at 13th Feb, because just worry that Kl will have a serious traffic jam at 14th Feb. So i decide to have my dinner at Fondue House which intro by my boss. So i start my journy at 6pm and leave my office, i quite nervous la, because i not sure the road. haha

Reach there about 7pm ( because i accident miss turn, then go to holand liao)
After park my car, we have a walk and search for the favour fondue house. At the end, i also cant find it, then i go to ask by the person who is a malay, work at jockey.

Siukeong: Abang, kamu tahu sini ada satu restoran panggil "fondue house"
Mr jockey : ooh..fondue house, kah sebelah sini sahaja, tetapi sudah tutup lama, saya nampak semalam ada orang balik pindah barang, i tak tahu dia sudah pindah, atau bankupt.
Siukeong : (-.-)

Totally give them "zha dao炸到"
No choice, faster call my boss and ask for other place.....haha
Well, he intro me "Souled out " or "koream BBQ". So i prefer go for western Style.

There is alots of hot chic and handsome guy inside the souled out. If you want to enjoy food and enjoy looking to babe, i suggest you sit outdoor.

( The chicken Chop with mushroom source, nice, just RM19)

( Aloha pizza, with turkey ham and cheese, yummy, just RM11)
The food there is not expensive as what i expect. But the food is normal if compare with chilie or TGI friday. Yummy ! Happy valentine to my friends.


whistler said...

aiya, dun call me boss la, I don't pay u salary what. BTW, TGIF asso sux. :P

Siu KeOnG said...

TGIF sux? Which TGIF u go..?haha..