Tuesday, 6 February 2007


要吃龟玲膏 ,请到恭和堂啦!

Does this sound familiar to the advertisement we heard in the radio.

After i saw my x-colleague eatinout intro the 龟玲膏. I got the feeling want to try out.

Since long time i havent visit PJ street ,then i go for have a try eat 龟玲膏, but the taste really not good as i expect.

Just like eating a normal jelly and too soft for me, and the small bowl cost me RM6-RM7( cant remember)

( 龟玲膏 + syrup (sugar mixed with some honey))

The most tasteful 龟玲膏 that i eat is at low yat 阿叶靓汤, Only cost RM4.99, if you taking set lunch , then the 龟玲膏 only RM0.99
I will go for visit again, i miss they chicken with steam, 闷鸡, and their herba soup...

After the way go home, the old kotaraya had renovation ,not old like last time. Quite beautiful and class.

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