Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Going to kk, kota kinabalu .....

Yea... finally got chance for me to take a long vocation....
Last minute only i go to buy thing....
now only reliaze my swimming pants is GONE!!!!!!!!!! ararrrrrrrrrrhhhg...
will be back on this coming sunday ...

Bye KL...

Day 1 - Flight to Kota Kinabalu @ 7.50am (Refer Attachment)
- Check in hostel @ 2pm (www.akinabaluyh.com.my)
- GO Sabah State Museum / Zoo of Sabah / Signal Hill / Filipina & Central Market
Day 2 - Padas White Water Rafting @ 7.30am (Whole Day) (http://www.borneoultimate.com.my/)
Day 3 - Go Kinabalu Park @ 7.30am & Climb UP to KK Mountain (Refer Attachment)
Day 4 - Down to Kinabalu Park ( Kaki Bukit ) & return to hostel city KK @ 5pm
Day 5 - Go to Pulau Manukan @ 9am (Snowkelling / Fishing / Enjoy @ Seaside)
Day 6 - Check out @ 12pm & return flight to KL @ 4pm (Refer Attachment)

Friday, 24 October 2008

25 year old already? So fast..

Really cannot believe i already 25 year old, time is just pass too fast.
Of course, i had no regret what i done along the way :D
I meet had a lots of best friends, new friend and family .....
As chinese always say " Meet a new friend,is better to add a enemy"

What my birthday wish? hmm of course need to change away my stupiak handphone, so when the phone ringing, i no need take my key and open the door, and walk out listen my phone.( thanks for my 小E ( motorola E398) which had been accompany me 4 year)

Other...hmmm...i wish next year 2009 i able to backpack went to vietnam or angkor wat with my DSLR. I enjoy explore the place, enjoy looking the map and walk my own. I found that this is other kind of experience and feeling.

Other... ( Opsss so many wishes, hehe ^^) Hope can go hong kong at year end to meet my net friend, catherine panda , knew her around 6 year already, how we meet? Yahoo Pool~hahahaa.. a sweet and friendly friend :D

Hope my wish will come truth, happy birthday ^^
My 1st time birthday at oversea, I will remember you bangkok ...

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Sunday Part 1 - Siam Paragon & MBK

After visited The Grand Palace, we went back to BTS Saphan Taksin, and take BTS to Siam City station. Actually we just pass by around 5 station, but the trip cause me 30THB , expensive than malaysia :D, but ok la...not much people compare LRT =.=
Other funny thing, because i dont have the small changes, so i go to the counter and pay the notes, and the staff give me money... ( Because i thought she pay me the balance, so i waiting there), then she look at me again =.= ||| then i just notice that the purpose of the counter is change small coins, not buying ticket =.= deng...
hahaha..comfortable ~ not much people. Got tv also. But is for advertisment purpose, the thai advertisment is funny, very mou lei tao...
Dang dang, we reach Siam Paragon..
Siam Paragon is on Rama I Road in Pathum Wan district, and is adjacent to other shopping areas. It is next door to Siam Center and Siam Discovery Center and opposite Siam Square.
MBK Center is nearby. An elevated walkway beneath the Bangkok Skytrain tracks links Siam Paragon to the Ratchaprasong intersection, where Central World Plaza, Gaysorn and several other shopping malls and hotels are located.

wahhhhhh...... Lamborghini Murciélago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Audi MTM...........
Actually when i reach Siam Paragon, my camera is already out from battery =.=||| , so regret dont have a dslr. So some photo is taken by my roomate :D, thanks for him, richard aka chin hong.

water street?

Actually the Siam Paragon is something like Pavilion KL
MBK is like Sungai wang.. ehhehe ( MBK is just opposite of Siam Paragon)

The basement of Siam Paragon houses the Siam Ocean World, containing some small and large aquariums.
If my eyes dont have problem. The price should be 990THB !!!!!!!!!!! So i decide to give up, is too expensive my money all going into chutuchak already.
Hi John Aka Miao, i saw your friends ? Cousin? Or your species...hahaha, maybe you can sleep beside him if you come to bangkok :D

Sunday Part 1 - Grand palace,Bangkok

Yeah la la la... tomorrow is a public holiday at thailand. Quite touching when i go to read what is the public holiday. It call Chulalongkorn Day, a public holiday to commemorate King Rama V who started to do a lot of things like a first hospital, railways, post office, abolished etc.

I just wonder, do our king or sultan go to visit any place? How many time they took a KTM or LRT per year. Now i just relieazed that why thai citizen so respect their king than their prime minister.

Well, last saturday i went to chatuchak , then the next day (Sunday) , i went to Grand Palace and the city of bangkok, got shopping centre, like siam paragon and MBK :) Because this is the final week i will stay at bangkok. I wil back to KL this saturday. Really enjoy myself on bangkok, and working environment too.

Because i keep hit those stupid setting on the program...waste my time, but i really learn lots of problem solving and knowledge too..hahahahhaa....gain a lots...

okok better stop talking crap....here i pronounce you the "Grand Palace"...dang dang dang~

We take a boat from Sathorn pier where near the BTS Saphan Taksin, you can buy ticket on the counter, but that day they seem like not allow us to buy the one way ticket to Tha Tien Pier(The destination of Grand Palace), they sold us 2 ticket of one day river pass for unlimited ride for one day. Cost me 125THB per ticket.

But after go to in the boat, we just notice that there is a staff selling one way ticket, you just tell him where you want to go, then they will give you a ticket for the destination you want to reach. HAiii...kena cheat... the ticket from sathorn to Tha Tien just 30THB ( if 2 way, just 60THB)...damm it. But i got free guide book and map la... =.=||| , i can get this kind of thing at hotel , free somemore.
Because there was a raining at the morning, so the jetty has been flood. So we need to take off our shoes and walk out =.=||| , lucky no shark there... hahaa
Remember if the Tuk Tuk driver ask you for bringing you around, u just say
NO NEED! So how to walk to grand palace??? you will know...ahahhaa... ok la.. you will see a batch from people going to jetty direction, and a batch a people walking toward to another direction... aiiii..just follow the most people going, then is correct jor :D , you need to walk around 10 minute.
You no need to pay entrance fees if you are from thailand ..hahaha foreign need to pay
When i go to counter, i give the staff 6 x 10 THB coin, the staff looking and me =.= after that i only realize is 600THB ( Expensive nya) ..... The wall has describe about the story of thailand.
This is call Phra Siratana Chedi

Phra Si Ratana Ched Erected in 1855 by King Rama IV, the Main Stupa contains relics of the Buddha and is regarded as the most sacred of all stupa in the Royal Chapel.

The bell-shaped stupa, with a series of ascending circular mouldings and four porticoes with miniature stupas on top, was built in imitation of one of the three stupas at Wat Phra Si Sanphet, the Royal Chapel in the Grand Palace at the former capital, Ayutthaya. It was later covered with golden mosaic tiles imported from Italy at the command of King Rama V.

Royal Patheon
The Royal Pantheon was constructed during the reign of King Rama IV in 1855. He intended to place the Emerald Buddha here but the building was not completed until after his death. His successor, King Rama V, considered the building too small to accommodate the congregation at royal ceremonies so the Emerald Buddha was not placed in this building. A small gilt stupa belonging to King Rama IV was placed there instead.
People is praying....
Everywhere is gold....
COol......i shoot around 100 photo here, until my digital camera no more battery. So regret didn't buy a DSLR since bangkok has so much place for me to shoot :(
There is a map for you, so you can know where are you now :D

Many people take photo...because is was special and unique

This place call "The Royal Thai Decorations And Coins Pavilion"..

The Royal Thai Decorations and Coin Pavilion displays exotically designed coins and other monetary exchange units used in Thailand since the early 11th century AD. It is located within the compound of the Grand Palace, on the right hand side before entering the Palace's inner gate.

In the same building, adjacent to the coin collection, is a display of royal regalia, decorations and medals. Most of the items in the collection were used by former royal courts and include some valuable gold artifacts and intricately crafted items.

The outlook ...quite big also, like a castle.

And i saw this..wahahhaha...that day is quite hot. When i saw him, i straight way and go to him..
ME : Hi, can i take a photo with me??
HIM: ...........
(After finish...)
ME: Thanks very much

Geng !!!!!!!!! he never move one, i dont know how he do it... if you ask me stand 1 hour like that, i die give you see...

After the visit, we back to
Sathorn. We took a BTS and continue our journey to bangkok city for lunch and shopping ... window shopping :)

Be Continue part 2....
Holiday tomorrrow..yappie !!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Chatuchak market, bangkok, i shop almost 7 hour there lolx

Last saturday, we make our plan to SHOPPING !!!!!!!!! So LittleNotebook intro us to the chatuchak market. We took taxi from my hotel to the place, charges is around 89 THB, please ask the driver use the highway, just pay 45THB by your own.
Really really damn a lots of people. At the early time, i already told my friend, i wont spent a lots money on buy thing. But at the end, i become a shopaholic , money keep fly away ~ haha. Damn crazy.
Shirt is everywhere. I like their shirt design, the fashion , logo or arts that print at the shirt is very very special, cannot find at malaysia, but of course, the quality of cloth is a bit low. You can get any shirt starting from 90 THB. LittleNotebook advice me, when you saw the thing that you like, just buy it. Is hard to turning back or buy in other shop. ( She more
shopaholic than me) bag bag bag... really is heaven for girls, you can even get a LV beg at 199 THB. No matter where i go, i always see people carry LV =.= ||| really cannot understand what so special on LV (Lost Virgin) lolx..
bag bag bag bag....... this remind me of T-beg , you know what is that? hehe, is my favour tv series. Prison break ~
Got key chain too. Dont know what cartoon is that, but is cute. I believe the shirt and thing is all is design by theirself.
Shoes~ cheaper than vinci ...hahahaha i think vinci brought from here too, just their restick their brand name only :D
you like blue???? Lighting, do you saw the balls with horizontal angle one. Just RM10 .. feel want to brought it. But no place to put. And i worry if the LED broken then cannot change. Here got sell all thing relate to army, camping or climbing too. Gun? ehhh i didnt saw :D Saw a cute puppy when i brought few pair of socks at a stall. Really really cute, he/she purposely make a nice post when i call him for a photo. necklace...haha i think they sell based on gram.hehehe.... if you can buy it and design yourself, should you can earn a big money. The cost is so cheap.. can you imagine that? Shoes shoes..i think is around 490THB, no money, so i no buy. I brought a lots shirt to my friend and family :D, almost pokai liao Miss Shopaholic LittleNotebook is looking for a hat, she want to become cow girl
This drive girl crazy..... after you buy shoes from here, i think you no need buy shoes for a year. See. i told you, thailand is all about Arts~ Nah..Miss keping , this is the place u mention... =K E P I N G= says: is it the market where u can find alot of pets
The satay is nice !!! Fried Chicken nice too. But the other dish is too sour to me.. :D So far, i can accept all the food at thailand, although is cheap but is nice, seafood fried rice just Rm4 (Johntim eat yong chow fried rice , RM20 at dubai, your one sure sure very very nice !!) haha

1st time in my life, shopping 7 hour and brought a lots of stuff. Really is a very good market if you want to get something cheap and nice. No doubt that the quality is low abit, of course, what you pay is what you get. Most satisfy is , i able to buy a nice long
sleeve shirt...hehe. Last time always find at KL, but not able to get nice one.
The thing i get back from battlefield. I think got around Rm200. Happy shopping !!!!!

Some descripton of chatuchak
It would be no exaggeration to say that hardly any especially Bangkok doesn't know Chatuchak Market. This is The Worlds Biggest Weekend Market selling practically everything under the sun, from the smallest nails, to foods, trendy fashions, antiques intricate wooden carvings, masks from far-off lands, adorable fluffy dogs, colorful fish of every hue and singing birds. You can find all this and more at amazing Chatuchak market. There are almost 9,000 individual booths overflowing with every imaginable type of wares to catch your fancy. Once inside the market, you will be catch up in a world of bursting crowds and stalls stretching as far as the eye can see.

Location=Chatuchak market is adjacent to the Kamphaengphet station (MRT) of the Bangkok Metro, or about a 5-minute walk from the Mo Chit (หมอชิต) Skytrain (BTS) station and Suan Chatuchak(Chatuchak Park) station(MRT).

Thursday, 16 October 2008

State Tower, bangkok

yea.. yesterday LittleNotebook bring us went to the state tower. I already mention that i want to went there. Unexpectedly, the building is just near with my hotel,just a 10 minute walk then i can reach.

LittleNotebook say we must wear a formal or proper dress. The skybar is allocate at 64floor

The State Tower i took from my room balcony Nice right? Almost a tallest building at bangkok.
Starting, we are at other side from the restaurant,we order some martini to drink, i order a Fruit Passion Martini, wow...the taste is so sour but still acceptable. RM43 ... So the drink there is quite expensive but friendly staff will serve you.
(From left, LittleNotebook , Eric, Ching Hong ( new roommate) and Fat Siu keong )
There is few sofa and you can hug and kiss your couple. No one care, dont worry :D
Most of the visitor here is foreign people.. girl are sexy and hots :D
Here is it..the skybar, there is a band performance at night time, you can have your wine , listen to the jazz music and relax up yourself here.
Nice hor? is an open air environment, i like when the wind blow against my body. Just feel freshes and relax.
I like the design here la..is very awesome.... what a nice place ~ i love it..
Thanks for LittleNotebook become the camera man to took my photo ( feel myself look scary)
Other photo take by LittleNotebook , she say that the dinner here is expensive too, 1 main course can up to Rm150. hehehe... expensive hor? Maybe 1 day when i break up or increment salary, i will come here for dinner and enjoy the environment :D
The 3 guys is enjoying the view of bangkok~ it just too beautiful....
Cheers, bangkok, cheers to my boss too. Because give me a chance come here to explore the fantastic bangkok.
Beautiful bangkok city....
the other side.....
thanks guys for the great night, it was a wonderful night for me or us ~haaha.. i starting enjoy the moment at bangkok night style.