Saturday, 30 August 2008

Farewell for tiffanny.. Bye, See you at sabah, miss you

Hi tiffanny, thanks for your lovely sms, is really touching and make my eyes wet at coffee bean, that time i am listening to Avril Lavigne's When Youre Gone. Not dare to call you and say goodbye, sometime typing is better than say

Wish you stay happiness at sabah o, i understand the feeling that suddenly back to hometown after stay 7 year at KL. hehe

Therefore friday we have a farewell dinner , i become superman again , from PJ fly car to KL city to meet them again. (Guys, no more next time, very painful when traffic jam =.=)
Yea, we went to the 田园火窝 Restoran FarmLand Steamboat near pudu jail. Quite a lots people too. Got korean customer also. Quite leng lui. haha. We order a tomyam soup and porridge.
Many Type of dish, and steamboat you can find here.
My Porridge steamboat with fish ball, vege and fish meat. This is my first time try porridge steamboat. Yummy. Tasteful.
haha.. we use to call it 肥猪肉。。because the gentlemen like to eat fat meat. Crispy... all people are busy crap the meat, because the portion is small, this is what chinese people call 分猪肉. Actually this dish is call 南乳炸肉
They put eggs inside the porridge =.= , but still ok la, new try ! Like bird nest ~

WOW, 维记 and Tai bring their secret weapon~hahaha. I got try the pentax K200, still not very familiar with the function, just had some simply shooting. Okla, i will keep money , so next time can brought one, get bad influence by 维记, Little Notebook(Nikon D40) and JohnTim( Canon 400D)

Really so famous uh????
So tiffanny, guess this time really is the last dinner with you, not sure when going to meet you again. One more thing i want to mention, tiffany is not my girl fiend, she married already la.... coz already have few person ask me the same question...OMG =.= , Tiffany wedding day

Take care my dear friend, wish you stay happiness at your hometown :D , Thanks for sharing the happiness and sadness with me, of course, you have give me many good advice when i got problem...thanks,we will miss you~

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
All the words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you"


Sunday, 24 August 2008

Graduation Convocation... duh, i graduated 3 year already

Last saturday just went to Chryss graduation convocation day. So tiffanny and i go to memory lane
gift shop at KLCC for buying some gift to Chryss.
This is what i brought..a cute bear not sure the staff is newbie or she havent wake up in the morning, she watste me half an hour to hamper the bear i brought. Tiffanny and me totally faint when see the way she doing. Just pack like a rubbish. The way she do it, like bungkus a nasi lemak and give you... Argghhh...!!!! No choice lor, tiffanny try to help me adjust abit , because that time , i really feel want to tear off the plastic
This is what tiffanny try her best to help me. Pity the bear, like so painful inside the hamper..aiiiiiiii........ P/s: the shop keeper is a chinese girl , and fat abit with curry hair, just avoid her if possible... Sorry chrys

Finally i reach the place , MCA building. Many people ahhh...many handsome guy and pretty girl. Those office buddy, you guys got chance to grab fresh food...hahahaa.
's family and anak angkat = Tiffanny.. hahahahaha...people take family photo, why you go inside har???? hahaha
You see chryss'emotion, she si beh bo song you already :D
Time to buang topi... yea.. 1....2.......3.........go~
:" Aduhhh, i hit my head, pain ....@@".
Finally got chance take photo with dyuelife's 2nd runner up winner. Paiseh la...congratulation again :D

Convocation remind me many things, the past memory store in my mind, i understand there is no easy to reach the tough stage. Last time classmate and i use to work hard to attend our degree convocation.

The 4 year we study, just waiting for the moment to graduate and start our new working life. Until now , i still keep in touch with some classmate, because most of my classmate is from perak and penang, maybe is distance problem and everyone is busy with their works, so relationship slowly become unfamiliar.

It is every stage of friends, we will meet new friends, and slow disconnection with the old friends? I think is yes, just appreciate every friends walk by in your life.. :D
Do you still remember the moments? I always remember. I miss you guys very much.

E1 buddy, SiuKeong

Ps: Roommate just blog a funny photo during at Hainan -> Click me

Ex-colleagues gathering, bowling +dinner + sing k until 3am @@

Yeahoo... last friday went for gathering with ex-colleagues, i awlays feel myself is luckybecause can get a group of good colleagues during my working life.

Too badly, the trafffic at friday is jam like crazy. But not bad la, i able use 1 hour to travel from OneUtama to Timesquare.

But i reach there, they already finish their 1st game. Never wait me also =.= , had been quit my old company about 1 year, time just pass so fast. And saw some new face of people :D
Thanks for 随风而行 who capture my favor position for strike, not bad la, i score 139 point. I had never touch the bowling ball more than half year =.=
So our food specialist Pasankia(declare as retired) & eatinout decided to have dinner at 紫藤 near by timesquare, i think is at pudu plaza. Seldom can had such a big gang walk around. 1st dish, Pasankia claim that it just look like US style of food =.=, hmmm...what i think is more korea BBQ, you need to put the duck meat and egg at the vege , put some sweet source and put inside to your mouth and enjoy :D , not bad, nice !Some special of the teapot. Why got a big and small? :D , because the children follow their daddy come out :X , the big teapot is tea, however the small one is soup :D , special, 1st time see kindna of things.
My jie jie zai ex-colleagues.
Well, tiffanny, not sure can meet you for last time before you back to sabah this saturday. We all will miss you and all the best in your coming days. Become a good mummy :D
Next time no more sing k until 3am, is really tired and crazy... hahaa

Thursday, 14 August 2008

How to cool down myself when i m Emo+ing

This few day, damn busy on my works, everyone looking for me, like i owe them money, seldom have a peace period to sit down and do my coding. Everyday got new problem, i also "bo lat" already.

Sorry johntim, i know u sit beside me , you very scare of me and tension, tension until at night will say dream word to me ,
"you want to wash hair?". haha. Not sure tonight what you will talking to me again, perhaps not "you want to make love?

Anyway to cool down myself when i emo? ya.. Drink this...

吓火 !!!!!!!!!!( Scare off the fire)
吓走你的火 !!!!!!!!!
wahahahahhahaa........scare or no????

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Non-stop raining days, sunday stay at hotel

It was a raining day during saturday and sunday. My roommate and i no even saw any sunshine from morning until evening.

Raining mean a bad days for us, maybe it is a good news for someone who like to sleep like pig. haha. But we quite pity, because we had problem to walk outside to have lunch and dinner.

So we have to cook mee at room. Today and yesterday , i already eat 4 pack of mee

My roommate cook the maggie goreng , but i ask him why the mee color so blank one, he say scare those spicy mix powder not good wo. This is our favour lunch during our hungry time.
This is his 2nd bed, just lay down there and watch drama, play psp. I call it (JohnTim's Nest)
My favour drink, coffee coffee !!!
This trip make me fat 2kg... aiii, want to jogging also cannot. Now i have to force myself morning and night do 20 time pong ping and 20 sit up... don't know can slim or no neh....

28 october i need to go KK, very excited now. I must train my staminia, just get email from my dearest trip mate.

"Dear all,
Please be informed that your need trainning for stamina 4 weeks before we get there such as long run, jogging or other exercise. Here the details of trip. Other infor will update to you once comfirm everything 1 month before departure, ok. Do check your email regularly. TQ."

I think ok gua. Maybe i really need to jogging more..... i dont want give people call me "fat boy", sorry "fat man"
fight for myself, fight to KK, flight for...............anything la :D , JohnTim, you also need to fight for "LANCOME" ok?? wahahhahha....

Friday, 8 August 2008

Beijing's Olympic 2008 08 08 8.08pm

Yea, tonight is a special for everyone, time past so fast. Quite busy this few day, so tired and cannot find a direction out. Lucky today discussion able to fix the problem, else i sure not mood to watch the ceremony.

Cant wait to see the Bird Nest stadium at Beijing. I like the unique design of the stadium. I at china but so far from beijing, as my collegue say : " We are so near, we cant able to attend to the stadium". haha, i ask him better watch tv.

Night view of the stadium, look elegant。Other special box, the Watercube
Tonight sure can see many fu wa at TV :D
Tonight , my roommate and i plan to buy KFC and some beers, and enjoy the ceremony at hotel:D , celebrate a special day with a group of special friends here. 2008-8-8 a unforgettable day for every 同胞 and world.

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Beijing's Mascots 福娃 (Fu Wa)

Since i put my MSN display message as "Siu KeOnG@Hainan:I shake hand with fu wa.. she so pretty says:" , everyone asking me same question " who is fu wa?"

Aiyo, olympic is coming soon, you all still sleeping is it?
Come, i give you guys some question

1. How many fu wa(福娃) is presenting Beijing's Mascots.

2. Name all the Beijing's Mascots.
北北,京京,欢欢,迎迎,妮妮,bei bei, jing jing, huan huan, ying ying, ni ni

3.What is the date and time for Beijing's Olympic open ceremony?
8/8/2008 8.08pm

4.What is the place name held for Beijing's Olympic open ceremony?
Bird's Nest Stadium鸟巢

5.What is the slogan for Beijing's Olympic?
同一个世界 同一个梦想”,英文口号为:One World,One Dream

How many answer you get? You have to knock your head if you don't know. Okla, extra question, What animal you knock his head 2 time, it will die??? ( Those who know the answer, please keep quiet ar, especially the JohnTim who spying my screen now :X )
Answer: crocodile( because Knock Knock die ) , haha

p/s: press Ctrl + A , you able to see the answer at the question below, cheers.
She is the fu wa(迎迎), she so big and cute.
Will upload more picture when i back to Hotel , cheers.
(Johntim with Cute Ying Ying)
( Jacky with Pretty Ying Ying)
( Leng lui Lilian with Ying Ying)
(Shop Selling Olympic souvenir)
( Fu wa is around anywhere)
( Can you remember their name? Until now, i stil cannot ~>.<~)
Beijing' 加油。。。。马来西亚加油。。。!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Displaying message is funny :D , dont you feel so?

I like to display the message at Gtalk or MSN. Why? Because you can express ur feeling, your status, and your words to everyone.
Sometime work is boring and tired, why don't try something humour and make fun with your friend? This is an example today, few of my funny colleagues display sound stupid but real.

Why we display durian? Because one of my lovely colleague say now is durian season, so we display durian photo :D Everyone go to find some special photo and display :D , quite co-operate hor? Like the johntim put red durian... i dont know where he go to find. He say is Sabah durian.

This is call working life, although we are busy and we still find some way to entertainment.