Sunday, 24 August 2008

Ex-colleagues gathering, bowling +dinner + sing k until 3am @@

Yeahoo... last friday went for gathering with ex-colleagues, i awlays feel myself is luckybecause can get a group of good colleagues during my working life.

Too badly, the trafffic at friday is jam like crazy. But not bad la, i able use 1 hour to travel from OneUtama to Timesquare.

But i reach there, they already finish their 1st game. Never wait me also =.= , had been quit my old company about 1 year, time just pass so fast. And saw some new face of people :D
Thanks for 随风而行 who capture my favor position for strike, not bad la, i score 139 point. I had never touch the bowling ball more than half year =.=
So our food specialist Pasankia(declare as retired) & eatinout decided to have dinner at 紫藤 near by timesquare, i think is at pudu plaza. Seldom can had such a big gang walk around. 1st dish, Pasankia claim that it just look like US style of food =.=, hmmm...what i think is more korea BBQ, you need to put the duck meat and egg at the vege , put some sweet source and put inside to your mouth and enjoy :D , not bad, nice !Some special of the teapot. Why got a big and small? :D , because the children follow their daddy come out :X , the big teapot is tea, however the small one is soup :D , special, 1st time see kindna of things.
My jie jie zai ex-colleagues.
Well, tiffanny, not sure can meet you for last time before you back to sabah this saturday. We all will miss you and all the best in your coming days. Become a good mummy :D
Next time no more sing k until 3am, is really tired and crazy... hahaa


johntim said...

Wah very happy hor =)

Yeah this is what we call Life ... must enjoy and gather with friends =)

*Next time play pool again ya =)

Siu KeOnG said...

hahaha, yea life life life...pool again? Ah so very geng, i very sked la....tension neh.. 1st time lose to girl...shame shame