Saturday, 30 August 2008

Farewell for tiffanny.. Bye, See you at sabah, miss you

Hi tiffanny, thanks for your lovely sms, is really touching and make my eyes wet at coffee bean, that time i am listening to Avril Lavigne's When Youre Gone. Not dare to call you and say goodbye, sometime typing is better than say

Wish you stay happiness at sabah o, i understand the feeling that suddenly back to hometown after stay 7 year at KL. hehe

Therefore friday we have a farewell dinner , i become superman again , from PJ fly car to KL city to meet them again. (Guys, no more next time, very painful when traffic jam =.=)
Yea, we went to the 田园火窝 Restoran FarmLand Steamboat near pudu jail. Quite a lots people too. Got korean customer also. Quite leng lui. haha. We order a tomyam soup and porridge.
Many Type of dish, and steamboat you can find here.
My Porridge steamboat with fish ball, vege and fish meat. This is my first time try porridge steamboat. Yummy. Tasteful.
haha.. we use to call it 肥猪肉。。because the gentlemen like to eat fat meat. Crispy... all people are busy crap the meat, because the portion is small, this is what chinese people call 分猪肉. Actually this dish is call 南乳炸肉
They put eggs inside the porridge =.= , but still ok la, new try ! Like bird nest ~

WOW, 维记 and Tai bring their secret weapon~hahaha. I got try the pentax K200, still not very familiar with the function, just had some simply shooting. Okla, i will keep money , so next time can brought one, get bad influence by 维记, Little Notebook(Nikon D40) and JohnTim( Canon 400D)

Really so famous uh????
So tiffanny, guess this time really is the last dinner with you, not sure when going to meet you again. One more thing i want to mention, tiffany is not my girl fiend, she married already la.... coz already have few person ask me the same question...OMG =.= , Tiffany wedding day

Take care my dear friend, wish you stay happiness at your hometown :D , Thanks for sharing the happiness and sadness with me, of course, you have give me many good advice when i got problem...thanks,we will miss you~

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
All the words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you"



wk said...

Can I use the photo that both Tai & I looks like single-eye monster in my blog?


Siu KeOnG said...

Hi wk, sure, i will send out the photo to you guys tomorrow ya, or later night time, you both so ying~

hahahaha...dont forget to exchange the "photo" which take by tai with me~hahahahahaha

wk said...

Oh, I just need the one in your post. It's good enough.

Sure, will pass you those group photos.

johntim said...

So emotional har ...

Avril Lavigne somemore...

Good luck for your friend =)

tiffanny said...

yo....u kill me la!!u want show the sms mei!!@@

No need become superman again la unless domain still got farewell la..hahahahha

Anyway, thanks for you also fetch me back sometime la...somemore the last time still face traffic jam around 1 hour, know you so painful 1 la....sorry ya!!!

But really happy have friend like you la....once again thanks for everything and everytime!

All the best and good luck to you la...My Dear Fried

Miss You~

Siu KeOnG said...

wk, haha saw your blog,my photo not very nice also :(

john, yea..tmr i sing for u

tiff, you kill me la..haha, touching ma the sms, look like mom speak to son...nice to meet you also, can know 1 leng lui in my life, is good thing...hmm 1 more thing, i am not your good fried....i dont give ppl fried one, althought i like fried chicken..hahahahhaa

tiffanny said...

yo...tulis salah ma....know you like fried chicken time eat at stall near domain there la but dun eat alone lo....

My Dear Friend


see ya~