Thursday, 14 August 2008

How to cool down myself when i m Emo+ing

This few day, damn busy on my works, everyone looking for me, like i owe them money, seldom have a peace period to sit down and do my coding. Everyday got new problem, i also "bo lat" already.

Sorry johntim, i know u sit beside me , you very scare of me and tension, tension until at night will say dream word to me ,
"you want to wash hair?". haha. Not sure tonight what you will talking to me again, perhaps not "you want to make love?

Anyway to cool down myself when i emo? ya.. Drink this...

吓火 !!!!!!!!!!( Scare off the fire)
吓走你的火 !!!!!!!!!
wahahahahhahaa........scare or no????


Roxanne said...

"do you want to massage?"
relax larr~
why so tension.
i know your job quite hard(to me).
got a lot of problem.
but you can slove it wad~?
so doesn't a matter larr.
gambatea ya~
muacks~ xD

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi roxanne, i no need massage la..hahaha...need to pay one or no? heeh.anyway thanks for your caring :D

johntim said...