Sunday, 10 August 2008

Non-stop raining days, sunday stay at hotel

It was a raining day during saturday and sunday. My roommate and i no even saw any sunshine from morning until evening.

Raining mean a bad days for us, maybe it is a good news for someone who like to sleep like pig. haha. But we quite pity, because we had problem to walk outside to have lunch and dinner.

So we have to cook mee at room. Today and yesterday , i already eat 4 pack of mee

My roommate cook the maggie goreng , but i ask him why the mee color so blank one, he say scare those spicy mix powder not good wo. This is our favour lunch during our hungry time.
This is his 2nd bed, just lay down there and watch drama, play psp. I call it (JohnTim's Nest)
My favour drink, coffee coffee !!!
This trip make me fat 2kg... aiii, want to jogging also cannot. Now i have to force myself morning and night do 20 time pong ping and 20 sit up... don't know can slim or no neh....

28 october i need to go KK, very excited now. I must train my staminia, just get email from my dearest trip mate.

"Dear all,
Please be informed that your need trainning for stamina 4 weeks before we get there such as long run, jogging or other exercise. Here the details of trip. Other infor will update to you once comfirm everything 1 month before departure, ok. Do check your email regularly. TQ."

I think ok gua. Maybe i really need to jogging more..... i dont want give people call me "fat boy", sorry "fat man"
fight for myself, fight to KK, flight for...............anything la :D , JohnTim, you also need to fight for "LANCOME" ok?? wahahhahha....


Butterflyzdreamer said...

Oi!! U must help JT fight for Lancome also la!! If not where got enough power!!not enough power how am i going to win and make u leng leng? =P

johntim said...


more than 24 hours... My face got spider web jor... sien...

Siu KeOnG said...

hahaa..John, thanks lots for your advice just now. I think remember that. Ah so, i dont understand you talking what???????

John, ya, more than 24 hour raining, keep raining, keep keep raining day~~