Monday, 31 December 2007

Count down New Year 2008 at office......><

This year is a very special way to me for count down.
Because got special friend celebrate with me?
Because got leng lui celebrate with me?
Because got a special place for me to celebrate?

Yup, I still working like a cow at office with my team member.
Last saturday, sunday work, I think tomorrow (1/1/2008) also need to work OT

9:40pm.... Whole office only left me and my memeber :(
10:00pm...Stomach starting to complain, eyes already @@
10.30pm.. Chatting with chrys, tear start want to drop..... ~~~>.<~~~ 10.45pm.. Cannot stay anymore, find friend dinner, else i will die here....

Empty Office ....

My Farm..........

My Dinner....some chocolate from japan :(

1-1-2008 already give me a sign that is a good starting to me to become a cow :D

Happy new Year 2008 To everyone...

P/s: Hear that petrol will increase 20 sen - 70 sen, but i still at office, no chance to pump also.

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

My 2007 Christmas -Sunway pyramid

How you guys spend your christmas day?
Yeap..i went to Egypt during Christmas day !!!! Very very execited...!!!

Of course not, i just went to Sunway pyramid for movie and ice skating. With 3 pretty girl, Cindy, Tiffanny & Joey. Very touching and thankful to joey, because she bring along her medicine while join us.. Hopefully we successful make your sickness gone after hang out with us :D

A litter christmas house. But the area of decoration is too small. Not much place for us to take photo.
My pretty ex colleagues, Opss should be my pretty friends. Tiffanny,Joey,Cindy.

Then , we go to buy movie ticket ~Nicolas Cage " National Treasure 2 - Book of secrets
Honestly the movie abit complicated, maybe involve too many people name. But i learn a lots of place name, like statue of liberty :P My english is poor

Overall quite interesting, although i dint watch the 1st episode. But the lady sit beside me also "Dio Gia" twice. lolx
Not sure others watch "I AM LEGEND" or no. I watch it few week ago. It is a very nice movie for me. Will Smith, really is a good actor. I can say that the execiting on the movie is not about the audio, sound effect or etc. I get scare/shock is because the the acting of Will Smith, his expression, every single action that he done. You can feel that you also part of the roles in the movie. Finish promote, continue back .....

Ice skating, Rm19 per entry, 2 hour duration for you to skate. RM5/RM8 for glove.

Look very execiting, but i not able to give my first time to sunway. Because we make a queue about half hour then reach the counter, but the staff :" Can go in, but no more shoes, you need to wait the people return the shoes"..

Somemore Joey is not feeling, so we decide to shopping and have tea time :D

Our tea time at Kim Gary, Lemon green tea, hot milk , 2 ying yong + Cindy's pork burger :D
My lunch and bread toasted for tiffanny
After movie, we planning for dinner. Previously plan to have dinner at kepong. Eat Bak kut teh. But due to everyone still full. We went go Jalan Ipoh for dim sum. Not sure what is the name for the shop. Usually i visit to the middle shop.
Siu Mai, Har Gao, Yu Yun(NICE), Ham dan....

Opss, See nyin, thanks for your birthday present. A pig key chain.
Christmas is gone.......2008 is coming. Wish everyone healthy and earn lots lots money and happy !!!!

"2008 is coming, New year, New life, New target, New achievement, New ME .."

Monday, 24 December 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2008

金狗標,金狗標,金狗噢的喂。。Yeah, still got 14 hour for Christmas Eve count down. But i still working at office. Someone very lonely here, because all my team member either onleave or fly back to their "base". Boring betul, totally no mood to work. Sienzzz...

This year feel abit lonely... no idea how to celebrate christmas and where to go at christmas eve too. Just post some shopping center's decoration to make myself able to feel the Christmas is coming.

One Utama, Theme is about "Band", very nice, the drummer can move his head to right to left, left to right. haha.. I almost meet him twist a day. During the way walk to my offfice, and the way go to car park after work.

Guess where? Yeah. Pavilion, not sure what is the theme. but the white Christmas tree look great.

So far, that all the shopping center that i go , not sure Mid valley, The curve and etc, what is the decoration about. Start feel lazy to explore all the shopping center , traffic jam, hard to find car park.

New year 2008 is coming soon, any wish?? hmmm...
1. Wish all my family and friends healthy always. Opss, include myself.
2. All go smooth on my career.
3. Travel to some county to my holiday, if can, i will try backpack, anyone interest?
4. Earn and save more money, so i can change my stupid hp and maybe brought myself a lappie(Laptop, i saw forum, they call their laptop call lappie..)
5. Relationship? Of course, i wish to get more friend ; Love? hmm...depend on fate. I will more focus on career, i m enjoy of single life :)
6. Importance is , continue life with happiness and meaningful~

How about you? What you going to plan on 2008? Just share with me :)

Merry christmas and Happy new year to all my dear friends

I like the "Last Christmas" sing by Ashley Tisdale. Hope you enjoy it :D

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Early Christmas Dinner for my ex company

Yea, last friday, i went back to join my ex company's Christmas dinner. A week that i leave you guys, make me more miss you all :D

We have our dinner at Menara Haw par, the Germany Pub under our office building.

Very nice , hand make candy litter christmas house.

First dish, Mr Billy order a half duck roaster, and his wish really come true. A fat & big duck come over to him, he so "happy" and suprise when saw the duck. ( I think among all of us, never eat a half duck in our life)
I order a turkey, the size look much better than the half duck :D
Beef~and 3 fried banana.
Tiger prawn, according to the food's owner, he say not bad :D

what next? Present exchange time !!! Rules: The gift should be around Rm30-50.

9799....anyone can guess what inside??? Tips for you. This gift will bring u richness in future..

Ok here is it... A litter piggy bank with music when you put the coin in @@,
totally faint when open up the gift, have to thanks for michelle who hope me become richer in future. But, at least give me a lock, else my money can steal easily !!!!!!!!!!!!

----------------------THE END------------------------

New Gadget - RedFox FM modulator

Yup, i brought a FM modulator during pc fair last week. It support MP3/WMA file, and can plug with CD player, DVD player, SD/MMC card, MP3/Mp4, Thumb drive. With 1 year warranty.

The first stall i visit, the sales girl sold me with RM73. But i know the market price is not that high. And maybe i am not handsome enough, she also don't want give me any discount. So continue walking , and saw the same brand again.

You know how much is it? Just RM55. Hopefully there are no any "water fish" go to buy from the 1st stall. I brought it from Sri Computer. If you don't want support WMA file, i think just around RM40.

So, i think is reasonable price & some forum also recommend this brand "RedFox".

Comment about the sound, hmm, i think is depend on the MP3 File, of course, the higher of Kbps (VBR), the better sound quality that you have.

But if you want to play those heavy metal or disco music, i dont think is a good device for you. I just to use listen hits song. And train my singing skill inside my car. So for me, i think is fine for me.

The display for title of song is abit weird. But never mind la, just for listen not for watch :D

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Jogoya上閤屋 .....just like that.

Yup, I went to jogoya last week, for those people make the phone reservation, sure call until "siao", early that, i do went to jogoya to make reservation, but the staff say all the promotion day already fully booking. So the guy teach me use fax and fill up my contact number, so they will call me for booking.

For avoid the "people mountain people sea" , I choose to eat at friday :D 8pm. Lucky is not much people. And i also borrow a VIP card from my friend. So we can eat those special VIP food.

Anyone like sushi?
ehm, do u saw the fish there? Not sure what is that, but it didnt attract me to have a try. Just geli.You need to put ur table number plate to the plate for order the food( My english is bad , sorry), after that,the food will send to your table( How long it take? Count yourself)
There is many type of food, chinese, japan, indian, western ...
Look very nice to eat rite?
VIP good, the soup of king crab... I can tell you that it not nice at all !!!!!!!!!
When it come to the table, it already become cold, i very disappointed of it. And the taste just like water. Tasteless.
Muar Ci
Cookies..many cookies. What is the taste? Dont know. Too full, cannot eat anymore.
Saw it? Every dish, we just try once, and we dont feel want to eat again. I really disappointed to all the food. Really didnt give me any suprise. Me sit from 8pm until 10.30pm. I not sure is it the food already finish in the early batch 5pm.

I am sure of side there is a lots better than this. I wont visit jogoya again.

What i eat most?

I think jogoya still need to improve their services. It was a bad experiences. The food take too long to delivery. Somemore located at Starhill. A ordinary person like me also cannot accept. How about others. What so special about jogoya...??!?? Feel like been cheat

Monday, 10 December 2007

Last day in office,伤心的离去

Today is my last day at my current company. During you throw letter the moment, you wish the time move faster and cant wait to feel the new environment. But during the last day before you leave, you wish the time more slowly, you scare of losing someone , losing the environment. 当东西要消失的时后,你才领悟你是不舍得离去。。。


不知不觉我也呆在这里 427天呢。。。从忙碌到紧张,紧张到轻松,轻松又回到忙碌。。。日子就这样一天一天的过了。。

还记得我第一天来工作,我就被抛弃在一个孤岛。孤独了几天终于有个女生陪我一起受苦咯,呵呵,开玩笑的啦。。我们不知几开心,没人看到我们在干什麽呢。 因为我的背是靠着路人的,所以我在搞什麽东东,他们都看到。尤其是MSN,当有简讯的时候,它会在闪闪。很明显吧?

幸好,我找到一样好东西,Messenger discovery live , 你可以关掉那个闪闪. 还有好多功能呢。


过后,我和我的邻居cindy又被分离了,我被派到坐“怪怪先生”的隔壁。日子过得好悲惨。。心里在偷偷的流泪。最后,我决定自己搬家到joey 的隔壁,结束我和“怪怪先生”的关系。我自由了!!



幸 运的我还活着,经过了一个梦幻的Pulau Pangkor的旅行,让我更加认识大家,虽然你们是老了一些,但你们还是很好动,好好玩。尤其是tai 吧,总是能带动全场。好幽默,好好笑,难怪好多天真无邪的女孩都败在他手里。呵呵。我们可是经过好多风风雨雨才到达那里的。还记得TC的车爆胎, Tiffanny吵着要坐香蕉船,还要翻船的!画脸,一起看日落,一起把TC 丢去海里,爽~

旅 行完了,又是时候继续做牛做马。。那时候应该是做着portal 吧,我不认识它,它也不认识我,过后摸着摸着也开始慢慢知道它的用途。后来,joey也过来认识他嘞,好酷哦。 后来,我们就一起认识它咯,真的要感谢tc & tai 这两位月老给我们机会。当然不少的同事们的帮忙当我们有难题的时候。真的好感谢。


1. 那些喜欢在专心工作+我听着耳筒同时陶醉在我的音乐时,轻轻的在我背后“突”我,令我整个人吓到飞起来。令我Dio gia ..福建话。

2.把TC丢到海里去。。要不是team work,我们不会这样成功的。。爽~

3.玩“乌龟”输的被对方画脸蛋!!!还是用口红画呐!!!输家应该是tiffanny 吧。呵呵想起来还蛮爽的。。几时还要来?我想画stella呢。。。

4. Tiffanny的误会以为我没载她们回家吧。。不会解释,你们自己知道就好了,有时真是给你们炸到,气死我了。


6. 24岁的我还给人称呼位 didi, 还有什麽忧郁鸡虫,天呀。。。。

7.每天都要冒险过马路,打包回office 吃。每天都要烦吃什么。好痛苦。。世界好黑暗


跟 你们工作可能就是缘分吧,我还算幸运,两间工司都没有politic的问题,这种感觉好得不得了。因为一些原因我还是要离开大家,去寻找我的路。学习慢慢 长大。就好像宇恒的《深呼吸》“我要我自己坚强,我知道我能做到,我就要活得比从前更好”,谢谢Stella推荐这首歌。还蛮适合我听。

一年说长不长,说短不短,但是还是很高兴跟你们一起工作。不管分离多远,我还是会想念你们的。。。珍重吧,有空大家一起喝茶吧。KL & WM不是很远罢了。。cheras 就免了,我怕去荷兰。哈哈

P/s: Office 应该有人不会读华语吧,那joey 麻烦你翻译咯。。Stella少吃苹果吧。苹果虽是好东西,也不可以多吃,苹果虽有减肥作用,但是光吃苹果减肥,对人的身体不好,容易造成肠胃不好。



Write on 6/12/2007 4pm.....

Friday, 7 December 2007

Thanks for the gift, I feel the warm + 一场美丽的误会

Hey guys, really thanks a lots for the surprise. Early that, i already guess you guys wont stop yours "Po Ma" behavior. Really beh tahan you guys. Dont know want to angry or laugh on you guys. Feel want to cry already.

Special thanks to Stella , Tiffanny and Joey. Thanks to Stella & Tiffanny because they both make a very creative way to give me the gift. Thanks for my partner Joey because she know my size. Just wonder when do i tell her that what size i wear??? And thanks for SiewFong & Cindy that contribute on the G2 shirt :D Love you guys.

Honestly, your guys really brought the actually size that i wear daily. I like it very much, later i will wear it while i sleep Zzzz....

What mean by this? You have to ask the director. Everything just a beautiful misunderstanding一场美丽的误会

Wishes from Joey and Siew Fong, just wonder joey is good in chinese. SF, I think you need to explain the poem to me, i totally dont know you "Kong Mat kai", you just like philologist.

Our director and main actress. Play more la. But really thanks for give me such wonderful journey. Although is short & not real, but i love the storyline.....呵呵。(Just kidding)
And thanks for always accompany back, so that my trip to home not that boring.
How can i forget you. I will remember you always. Feel sad that no body will accompany eat breakfast with me again. You always is my good buddy.

Dear Chrys,thanks for your praise, " A nice & gentlemen guy always deserve a better & wonderful tomorrow". But i feel that too gentlemen will let people bully & being fool by someone.哈哈。

Chinese version:
其实我比较喜欢用华语来表达,只是觉得会比较诚恳,真实。真的不知道如何感谢你们对我的好,虽然我牛高马大,有时候还蛮小孩的。就如卡上面所写的 “爱若不能放在手里,何不把它放在心里”,我一定会的。你们的笑容,你们的亲切,每一个小动作,我会记在心里。


English version:
Actually i prefer to use Chinese typing more than English, because i feel by using Chinese is more realistic & true. I really dot know how to show my thankful to you guys.Although i "Cow Tall Horse Big", sometime i feel like i am just like a kiddy. Just like the phrase from the card , " If you love a person you cant hold her/him with hand, why don't try to put them in your heart. I will do that. Yours smile, Yours graceful, every single motion, i will keep in my heart.

Is sad that i cant continue work together with you guys, we cant together dapao,kepo,"fishing",fight for project,back home together anymore.

I believe our relationship never ending,take care my dear friends.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Rm18 kg crab, Tak Fok restoran,得福小厨

得福小厨, when i tell my friend i stay at kepong, they sure ask me, where is kepong famous crab and famous Har Mee. Seem like this 2 place become a symbols of kepong.

I think i have been visit to Tak fok more than 5 or 6 times, i not sure i boring of their food, or the quality become bad. Just is not tasteful when i eat at first few times.

Allocated at Wangsa Permai, they dont have reservation, you maybe need to queue up. Friday, Saturday and sunday are the day which full of people. My suggestion is go around 8-9pm , so the early batch will finish that time, and you got more chance to get a table.

A dish that must be order, cheese crab ,RM18 per 1 kg. Abit dissapointed, cheese not enought hot.

( Small bread that you can eat with the cheese saurce, there are 12 of it, i take one before i take the pic, RM6)

(salt egg crab, Rm20), the crab not enought salt. Tasteless.

(福州豆腐,RM6 per piece)

(东坡肉,RM18), if you like 肥猪肉, you must have a try. It suitable for girls also. The meat is soft enought and it will melt inside your mouth.

How much it cost? Guess yourself, but is a reasonable price. Eventhought we cannot finish it. Quite full. Because someone request to order a mee. lolx... So never order a mee when you got rice :D

More information
Kepong Branch
得福小廚店址:2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, 52100 Kepong, KL.電話:03-62723346
Punchong Branch
得福小廚香港海鮮菜館地址:23, Jln Puteri 2/5,Bandar Puteri.電話:03-80606994