Saturday, 15 December 2007

Early Christmas Dinner for my ex company

Yea, last friday, i went back to join my ex company's Christmas dinner. A week that i leave you guys, make me more miss you all :D

We have our dinner at Menara Haw par, the Germany Pub under our office building.

Very nice , hand make candy litter christmas house.

First dish, Mr Billy order a half duck roaster, and his wish really come true. A fat & big duck come over to him, he so "happy" and suprise when saw the duck. ( I think among all of us, never eat a half duck in our life)
I order a turkey, the size look much better than the half duck :D
Beef~and 3 fried banana.
Tiger prawn, according to the food's owner, he say not bad :D

what next? Present exchange time !!! Rules: The gift should be around Rm30-50.

9799....anyone can guess what inside??? Tips for you. This gift will bring u richness in future..

Ok here is it... A litter piggy bank with music when you put the coin in @@,
totally faint when open up the gift, have to thanks for michelle who hope me become richer in future. But, at least give me a lock, else my money can steal easily !!!!!!!!!!!!

----------------------THE END------------------------

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