Saturday, 15 December 2007

New Gadget - RedFox FM modulator

Yup, i brought a FM modulator during pc fair last week. It support MP3/WMA file, and can plug with CD player, DVD player, SD/MMC card, MP3/Mp4, Thumb drive. With 1 year warranty.

The first stall i visit, the sales girl sold me with RM73. But i know the market price is not that high. And maybe i am not handsome enough, she also don't want give me any discount. So continue walking , and saw the same brand again.

You know how much is it? Just RM55. Hopefully there are no any "water fish" go to buy from the 1st stall. I brought it from Sri Computer. If you don't want support WMA file, i think just around RM40.

So, i think is reasonable price & some forum also recommend this brand "RedFox".

Comment about the sound, hmm, i think is depend on the MP3 File, of course, the higher of Kbps (VBR), the better sound quality that you have.

But if you want to play those heavy metal or disco music, i dont think is a good device for you. I just to use listen hits song. And train my singing skill inside my car. So for me, i think is fine for me.

The display for title of song is abit weird. But never mind la, just for listen not for watch :D


Jan said...

Yep. You got the same model as mine. I'm surprised you got it real cheap. No matter as long as it worked. Check my Red Fox MP3 FM modulator review



Siu KeOnG said...

Hi jan, thanks for the comment, sorry i at china now, and i cannot reply your comment,thanks for the comment at my blog. You done a very good review on the mp3 moderator. Just wonder why you put a 4GB into your moderator :D seem too much. Btw, i didnt notice it had any random play button also. Maybe i will check again when i back to malaysia. Thanks lots cheers