Friday, 7 December 2007

Thanks for the gift, I feel the warm + 一场美丽的误会

Hey guys, really thanks a lots for the surprise. Early that, i already guess you guys wont stop yours "Po Ma" behavior. Really beh tahan you guys. Dont know want to angry or laugh on you guys. Feel want to cry already.

Special thanks to Stella , Tiffanny and Joey. Thanks to Stella & Tiffanny because they both make a very creative way to give me the gift. Thanks for my partner Joey because she know my size. Just wonder when do i tell her that what size i wear??? And thanks for SiewFong & Cindy that contribute on the G2 shirt :D Love you guys.

Honestly, your guys really brought the actually size that i wear daily. I like it very much, later i will wear it while i sleep Zzzz....

What mean by this? You have to ask the director. Everything just a beautiful misunderstanding一场美丽的误会

Wishes from Joey and Siew Fong, just wonder joey is good in chinese. SF, I think you need to explain the poem to me, i totally dont know you "Kong Mat kai", you just like philologist.

Our director and main actress. Play more la. But really thanks for give me such wonderful journey. Although is short & not real, but i love the storyline.....呵呵。(Just kidding)
And thanks for always accompany back, so that my trip to home not that boring.
How can i forget you. I will remember you always. Feel sad that no body will accompany eat breakfast with me again. You always is my good buddy.

Dear Chrys,thanks for your praise, " A nice & gentlemen guy always deserve a better & wonderful tomorrow". But i feel that too gentlemen will let people bully & being fool by someone.哈哈。

Chinese version:
其实我比较喜欢用华语来表达,只是觉得会比较诚恳,真实。真的不知道如何感谢你们对我的好,虽然我牛高马大,有时候还蛮小孩的。就如卡上面所写的 “爱若不能放在手里,何不把它放在心里”,我一定会的。你们的笑容,你们的亲切,每一个小动作,我会记在心里。


English version:
Actually i prefer to use Chinese typing more than English, because i feel by using Chinese is more realistic & true. I really dot know how to show my thankful to you guys.Although i "Cow Tall Horse Big", sometime i feel like i am just like a kiddy. Just like the phrase from the card , " If you love a person you cant hold her/him with hand, why don't try to put them in your heart. I will do that. Yours smile, Yours graceful, every single motion, i will keep in my heart.

Is sad that i cant continue work together with you guys, we cant together dapao,kepo,"fishing",fight for project,back home together anymore.

I believe our relationship never ending,take care my dear friends.

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