Thursday, 13 December 2007

Jogoya上閤屋 .....just like that.

Yup, I went to jogoya last week, for those people make the phone reservation, sure call until "siao", early that, i do went to jogoya to make reservation, but the staff say all the promotion day already fully booking. So the guy teach me use fax and fill up my contact number, so they will call me for booking.

For avoid the "people mountain people sea" , I choose to eat at friday :D 8pm. Lucky is not much people. And i also borrow a VIP card from my friend. So we can eat those special VIP food.

Anyone like sushi?
ehm, do u saw the fish there? Not sure what is that, but it didnt attract me to have a try. Just geli.You need to put ur table number plate to the plate for order the food( My english is bad , sorry), after that,the food will send to your table( How long it take? Count yourself)
There is many type of food, chinese, japan, indian, western ...
Look very nice to eat rite?
VIP good, the soup of king crab... I can tell you that it not nice at all !!!!!!!!!
When it come to the table, it already become cold, i very disappointed of it. And the taste just like water. Tasteless.
Muar Ci
Cookies..many cookies. What is the taste? Dont know. Too full, cannot eat anymore.
Saw it? Every dish, we just try once, and we dont feel want to eat again. I really disappointed to all the food. Really didnt give me any suprise. Me sit from 8pm until 10.30pm. I not sure is it the food already finish in the early batch 5pm.

I am sure of side there is a lots better than this. I wont visit jogoya again.

What i eat most?

I think jogoya still need to improve their services. It was a bad experiences. The food take too long to delivery. Somemore located at Starhill. A ordinary person like me also cannot accept. How about others. What so special about jogoya...??!?? Feel like been cheat


fong said...

ooo.. thank you.. i will not going to jogoya.. i know it is tooo expensive, and yet.. the food.. is not nice...

but the photos look delicious.

line said...

I regarded my dining experience at Jogoya ~ Taipei as an unforgetable experience. IT was 5 years ago and i still think it was the BEST!! The price was slightly cheaper than Malaysia.. although it was REALLY Expensive for me at that point in time....I hope i can try the one in KL to make a better comparison...

Siu KeOnG said...

Hi line, maybe i went to jogoya during promotion period and it pack of people,if you want to try maybe you can go at non-promotion period, the services will be betters.

Thanks for visiting, cheers.hehe