Sunday, 26 July 2009

Scene through my lens at Abjua , Nigeria

Its 23 days that i staying at Nigeria, everyone is asking me, why not carry your camera and travel around the city ?

Actually, you thought i dont want mek? What for i awalys stay at hotel for every weekends, just the transport is not that convenience for me and there is not much tourist place for visit, it still under development country :)

So nothing fancies for me. Let me become a dreamer during weekends, think of my friends, thinking of malaysia food and let the time pass.........

Hopefully my sense of photography still be with me.... :)
Miss you guys so much,
"There is always need to be sacrificed something to gain other things"

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Most Delicious Dinner , cost me RM40

Finally i got delicious dinner to eat, just found that there is a set meal at my hotel's chinese restaurant.
But i feel quite expensive, around RM40, got "yu chi" (Shark fin), very full now :)

Friday, 17 July 2009

I will see you again too , good luck best buddy in next career

First of all, need to thanks for him, i think my life become much more better after i meet him :)

Haha, as respect i should write back a post for you too, thanks for the post you write to me previously. I will see you again-By Johntim

Know you will last day on this friday, so decide to return a post to you also although sound very gay.haha

Flash back year 2008 February, we just as normal coll. After a years and half he is my buddy hahaha =) Here I describe about his characteristic...(Copy from what he write ...lazy ma,Lolx )

- Friendly and Always helpful
- Macho ( Why? Because u cannot fight win him on any topic, die also can save back life)
- Steady (Why? Because he teach me 1 words : "RM10 only ma, drop also drop la.... )
- Noisy ( Always what the ...what the....what the.....)
- Good Planner ( why? Because he always got free time finish his job and snake in office)
- Outspoken (He very good in making story ...hahahaha.....)
- Romantic ( This guys is very romantic..hahaha....the action he take, fuyo..kill girls)
- Humble????? ( Depend situation la...hahaa)
- Too many cannot think of it...hahaa

Bad one = Emo, hahahahaa

Overall he is a good sanguine

Sleep with him 3 month during working at hainan, cannot forget his stupid snore. Of course , we had pass through the hard time together, like love problem and personal issue. So eventually make me can read his mind now :) A good buddy in my life which influence me a lots of thinking wise and personality.

Hainan Honeymoon:)

Prince birthday , 1st invitation to his house :)
First time movie =.=||| only both of us, because i get a free ticket from nuffnang.
First time learning photographing, and he teach me a lots technic :) thanks bro

Shooting with model loopy
Shooting with Shy model
Taman Pertanian
Sekinchan Trip
The day the i leave when he still at there :)

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but not regret to had you as buddy ( sound familiar rite? haha)

Good luck for your future career,
I still remember 1 words u teach me during i at hainan, and keep show off me when i sit beside u,

Johntim: "au yong, u are the 2nd best"

auyongck( i am still noob that time) : why????
Johntim: "because i am the best ! hahahaa..."
auyongck: ..................

i hate u .....i still can remember until today..hahahaha

Thanks for the cheerful memorable that you given to me when we were working :)
friend forever.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The food i take for my lunch at nigeria, abuja

Nothing much food for me to choose in my working place, so this is the 3 meal that i can have for temporary. First choice of meal , let me introduce the Muesli, this favor meal intro by my ex last time, everytime i tell people about muesli, their head will have many ???? , because don't know what is that, so i think the photo always bring better description to people, usually i mix muesli with milo :) , is quite full What is the taste ? Haha . no taste unless u mix with milo or milk :) Its just a dry food with toasted whole oats, nuts, fruit and typically wheat flakes. 2nd choice of meal eeee........snake? worm? Shawarma is a Middle Eastern Arabic-style sandwich-like wrap usually composed of shave. LittleNotebook call is chinese popiah. It make with salad sauce, chicken/sausage, vege and etc :) , i eat shawarma twice a week, if everyday i will become popiah :) it cause me around USD 5 3rd choice of meal Malaysia got KFC , Nigeria/Africa got ................SFC!!!!!!!!! SFC- anyone can guess ?? gek gek gek....Southern Fried Chicken ...haha This set of meal cause me around USD8 Of course, no need me say also know KFC and SFC which 1 is better :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My accommodation in Nigeria, Abuja

Time show the accommodation that i stay at Abuja, Nigeria

Few thing to know
1. Hotel will cut off electric for 1 hour for few time on weekend or maybe everyday ( because i working on weekdays so i dont know)
2. During sleep time, they also will cut the electric few time, but will switch on back after 10-15 minutes
3. Breakfast everyday is the same, 2 type of cakes, 1 type of blank breads, vegetable, fried mee, tea, coffee, soya bean and porridge.
4. Have internet access but slow, usually i use a USB broadband modem to online.
5. In front of the hotel had few building flat...
6. The time different malaysia and Nigeria is 7 hour, that mean 4.30am Nigeria= 11.30am Malaysia

This is the place where i spend my weekend..... Boring ? Maybe, depend how you overcome it :)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Life in nigeria, my first dinner

Friday Night
03 July 2009
8pm - Nigeria time, 4am malaysia time
Food =
farfalle , 2/5, Fail , still not yet soft.
Remarks: How to make the farfalle become more soft....need long time to wait ....=.=|||

Finally i need to cook for my own dinner, actually i dont eat spagetty, i only eat farfalle or fuslli, The time different with malaysia and nigeria is 7 hours

That mean when i reach home after at 7pm, malaysia is 2am, everyone is sleep
When i start working at 9am, malaysia is 4pm, my friend is prepare go home.....

I will staying 2 month in nigeria, that why i need alots of food, can food watever food, i think soon i can do review on every can food, thanks for johntim and jacky accompany to buy the food :)
Many can food, i think i can survive for 2 month gua. ...
The farfalle is really hard to cook....actually it still not yet soft, it still quite hard to eat, never mind, i will make it better nx time...any idea can make the farfalle more easy to become soft??? any good chef here :P

Saturday Afternoon
04 July 2009
1pm - Nigeria time, 7pm Malaysia time
Food = Rice + Yeo's curry chicken
4/5, Pass, everything is nice !!!!! Superb
Remarks: The curry chicken consists of too many little bones, i hate it.....

Cook the rice , and my mummy do tell me use a cup of water to measure, so the rice wont become so soft ~ and i did it, really is cun one !!!!!!!!!!! kekekekekeke

After the rice is cooked, and keep warm. And you open the cane and throw the curry chicken inside, wait for 5 minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gek Gek ~ i enjoy cooking, the thing that cook by yourself, after you ate it, you can feel the happiness and satisfaction。。。。。I love cooking !!

Friday, 3 July 2009

First Trip to Amsterdam and Nigeria

Yeahoo...finally now i at hotel and able connect to internet, just the speed for uploading the photo is slow. Now is 10.47pm at nigeria, Malaysia is 5.47am... =.=||| almost 7 hour different

Summary for today trip
1/07/2009 ,11pm - KL to Amsterdam
Sit 11pm plane from malaysia to Amsterdam ( sit at plane for 12 hour )

I sit beside a window, middle sit is empy, and other side is a Friendly Grandma from Indonesia but had been migrate to Holland for 14 years. Can speak a fluent English, help her carry baggage and chit chat, i forget i am using a same airline to transit, i waste a hour to waiting my baggage =.=|||

Inside plane what to do ar? See movie lor, now i can do review for movie also :)
He 's just not that into you -
4/5 star, because is a story around love relation, got many sexy scene, and got my dream girl -Scarlett Johansson, a quite funny movie, is about comedy and relationship , suit me :)

Watchmen - 0/5 star , i dont see any super hero inside, and the story is sucks, dont waste my time, see until i sleepy.

2/07/2009 ,8.30am-2pm - Amsterdam
Go to had breakfast, because my lovely colleague tell me should take fast food, honestly, the customer services counter's aunty is unfriendly, never want to see your face when i ask question maybe i am not handsome

Schiphol Airport, dont have Wifi, you have to pay for it, because my laptop is out of battery so i using their desktop PC, damm slow and the keyword is make of aluminum is very hard to type and speed is slow also !!!!!!!!!!!!! EUR 3 for 15 minute, when you leave 2 minute then you not able to surf net again, you need to top up..^%&%&$^%$##$@

Then go to walk walk lor....almost all place give me walk finish, want to looking a free map but at Amsterdam seem like don't have this kind of benefit. Then lucky have a good place with able to plug my laptop and playing Counter strike and wait for transit
Long Chicken = French Chicken in Malaysia , EUR 6.75 (Rm30) , but the fried is nice :)

2/07/2009 ,2.00pm-7pm - Amsterdam
Sitting with a girl from kanu, nothing to do...all people walk around, whole plane is black people, got mat salleh too

Movie Review
Disturbia - 3/5 star, starring by Shia LaBeouf, a investigation and half horror movie, and very nice :)

Mission Impossible 3: 4/5 star Tom cruise ! no need further explain, this movie best !

Million Dollar Baby : 3/5 star , meaningful storyline, but i just able to watch half =.=|||

2/07/2009- Reach around 8.30pm
Finally reach my hotel...but everyone is sleeping now..........

Some photo from Amsterdam , because my waiting just 5 hour, so no point for me take train go out for walking.