Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The food i take for my lunch at nigeria, abuja

Nothing much food for me to choose in my working place, so this is the 3 meal that i can have for temporary. First choice of meal , let me introduce the Muesli, this favor meal intro by my ex last time, everytime i tell people about muesli, their head will have many ???? , because don't know what is that, so i think the photo always bring better description to people, usually i mix muesli with milo :) , is quite full What is the taste ? Haha . no taste unless u mix with milo or milk :) Its just a dry food with toasted whole oats, nuts, fruit and typically wheat flakes. 2nd choice of meal eeee........snake? worm? Shawarma is a Middle Eastern Arabic-style sandwich-like wrap usually composed of shave. LittleNotebook call is chinese popiah. It make with salad sauce, chicken/sausage, vege and etc :) , i eat shawarma twice a week, if everyday i will become popiah :) it cause me around USD 5 3rd choice of meal Malaysia got KFC , Nigeria/Africa got ................SFC!!!!!!!!! SFC- anyone can guess ?? gek gek gek....Southern Fried Chicken ...haha This set of meal cause me around USD8 Of course, no need me say also know KFC and SFC which 1 is better :)


Kuntong said...

looks no bad...but DAMN expensive.

ZMiN said...

I LOVE SHWARMAAA!!!! IT's the best food on earth... I missed it so much man there's no good swharma in MAS!!!

sookching~ said...

i eat muesli as snack during my school time.... nt necessary mix with milk/milo... juz as i eat cornflakes w/o milk... nice~~ ^^ and the muesli tahan lapar... very good 1... haha

Johntim said...

At least you still have food to eat right? Should thanks already.

I still cant tahan with the SFC :p 南方炸鸡 Hahaha

大头猫 said...


Lilian said...

1. Rice + Tomato Sauce + Potato Chips
2. Rice + Carbonara Sauce
3. Rice + Tomato Sauce + Luncheon Meat
4. Maggie Mee (Soup) + Luncheon Meat
5. Maggie Mee (Goreng) + Luncheon Meat
6. Rice + SFC
7. Spaghetti Bolognese
8. Spaghetti Carbonara

Catherine Chiu said...

wowowo...looks nice..dont compliant la~~~~
u are rich ... no need to care the price la...wahahaha

Siu KeOnG said...

Kuntong: haha is expensive lerr..

Zmin: Shawarma, u try every week eat 2 time, i see u like or no

Sook Ching: Yea, give me 5, u and me are same..hahha

Johntim: 南方炸鸡 =.=|||, i tell u , the tomatoes sauce i damm hate it, very sour...!!!

大头猫 : SFC not suit u ...u eat fish 1...miaoo...

Lilian: what are u doing there?????????

Catherine chiu : rich ur head, bring me eat hong kong food when i come !!!!

Johnt|M said...

Tomato good for health =)

both of you stupid, dont want talk to both of u~ Lol