Friday, 17 July 2009

I will see you again too , good luck best buddy in next career

First of all, need to thanks for him, i think my life become much more better after i meet him :)

Haha, as respect i should write back a post for you too, thanks for the post you write to me previously. I will see you again-By Johntim

Know you will last day on this friday, so decide to return a post to you also although sound very gay.haha

Flash back year 2008 February, we just as normal coll. After a years and half he is my buddy hahaha =) Here I describe about his characteristic...(Copy from what he write ...lazy ma,Lolx )

- Friendly and Always helpful
- Macho ( Why? Because u cannot fight win him on any topic, die also can save back life)
- Steady (Why? Because he teach me 1 words : "RM10 only ma, drop also drop la.... )
- Noisy ( Always what the ...what the....what the.....)
- Good Planner ( why? Because he always got free time finish his job and snake in office)
- Outspoken (He very good in making story ...hahahaha.....)
- Romantic ( This guys is very romantic..hahaha....the action he take, fuyo..kill girls)
- Humble????? ( Depend situation la...hahaa)
- Too many cannot think of it...hahaa

Bad one = Emo, hahahahaa

Overall he is a good sanguine

Sleep with him 3 month during working at hainan, cannot forget his stupid snore. Of course , we had pass through the hard time together, like love problem and personal issue. So eventually make me can read his mind now :) A good buddy in my life which influence me a lots of thinking wise and personality.

Hainan Honeymoon:)

Prince birthday , 1st invitation to his house :)
First time movie =.=||| only both of us, because i get a free ticket from nuffnang.
First time learning photographing, and he teach me a lots technic :) thanks bro

Shooting with model loopy
Shooting with Shy model
Taman Pertanian
Sekinchan Trip
The day the i leave when he still at there :)

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but not regret to had you as buddy ( sound familiar rite? haha)

Good luck for your future career,
I still remember 1 words u teach me during i at hainan, and keep show off me when i sit beside u,

Johntim: "au yong, u are the 2nd best"

auyongck( i am still noob that time) : why????
Johntim: "because i am the best ! hahahaa..."
auyongck: ..................

i hate u .....i still can remember until today..hahahaha

Thanks for the cheerful memorable that you given to me when we were working :)
friend forever.


Johnt|M said...

Wah ! You really got heart wor =) Its was a wonderful day be a coll with you. Expecially hard time that we been thru together.

Those bad one never stop us but just grow us to be more strong with alot more strength.

Today it is my last day. I wish my new working place will give me the best that I ever have.I wish good luck you too =) Take care

AkiQ said...

Passed by....
Johntim the gals killer, dont worry him. Auyong, u rugi not gals, else ady gav him.... *run

Kuntong said...

GAY la...vry gay..
But i hope i have a best buddy like tis too.

Anonymous said...

friendship forever..cheers :)

Catherine Chiu said...

hahhaah....really good friend~

Lilian said...

oh touching.....
john...i will never forget you as..mat romeo... xD *run
and also your nonsense dance -_-

Anonymous said...

U both very GAY … but's touching =)

I just “realized” ah john is girl killer , he pandai to sinka , those gal been trapped jor. *Run fast fast… Jt , u EMO as well, yet to complain me =_=|||

Ay , I thought ur surrounding is full with ladies =)

Shirley Q

Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim: 1 day is buddy, forever is buddy :)

Jacky: hahaa...stupid jacky

kuntong: u wan to join our club? memeber fees rm10 peryear, we got gay activity too

Anonymous: Thanks irene gan :)

Catherine: ya..we gay one

Lilian: Mat romeo =.=|||, if i no give him stock, he mat 7 also dont have..hahahaha

Shirley Q: finish u comment my post, so touching. John so pandai to trap girl..u got kena or no?hahaa

大头猫 said...

so touching :)
wat a lovely couple~haha~~

Siu KeOnG said...

大头猫: you are so funny werrr...

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Oooo... So "gay" post... Haha!

This one i agree with you most!!!
Macho ( Why? Because u cannot fight win him on any topic, die also can save back life) He is unbeatable in arguing.. He very chiong hei in one way.. Haha!