Sunday, 26 April 2009

Portraits -Loopy

First time in portraits shooting. Well is a very good experience that in this session. Before the day taking the shoot, i had do some homework and refer some website for references.

Thanks for loopy who willing to be my white mouse for shooting. Haha
Who is she? She is a girl who sit beside me everyday except saturday and sunday. hahaha

Me and Johntim had take a lots photo and try to improve our skill for shooting. I think i almost take around 300 piece, but only had 50 photo that make me feel satisfaction. The model is nice, at least she had a great smile, i think you can be better for next time :)

Almost take 3 hour for shooting, really make me tired.
Me still not very good in wide shooting, still a lots for me to learn. However, Comment are welcome for improvement :)

I just shooting for hobby :)
I also lazy to upload the photo here, you can check out my facebook ( Click me )
I never wonder i got a sexy girl sit beside me everyday, haha...start from tomorrow, my nose will keep bleeding :)

A joke per day:
Pretty girl A : Hey, that johntim got gf?
Me : Nope, why?
Pretty girl A : No free play camera..
Me : .................ROLF~ keep laughing non stop..hahahhaa

Update from Johntim

Thanks loopy , Johntim and Chun keat for the shooting session.

More photo:


Johntim said...

Laugh kao me hor ok sui ! niaseng ! hahaha

Nice loopy photo... Cant wait to post shy photo... wait them digest loopy 1st =) said...

love the pictures!
keep it up! =D

Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim: haha , i thinking wan to put or no..aiii .

Kenwooi: Thanks, because got leng lui see izzit

大头猫 said...

Good Looking.....the gal :p
Got time to manage another blog ?
A lot of pretty gal here :p

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Anyone tell you before, you look a bit like a Singapore Actor lei... Can you guess who?

Siu KeOnG said...

har???hmmm....which actor oh, so far ppl say me look like 陈锦鸿,林家栋, when i was child my relative say me look like chow yun fatt...hahahha...
which 1 oh?

Make sure he is not gay and john not gay also ! hahaha

Johntim said...

I think she is mention the singapore actor ah... I know who... act in NTV7


*wahaha run far far

Siu KeOnG said...

u good..johntim

Karen said...

nice shooting...keep it up the good job!!!:):)
GAMBATEH ya!!!^^

Kuntong said...

great shot bro! 1st time shoot portrait meh? hard to believe! good 1...
the model also good... talented n sexy.. hehehex

sa said...
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