Sunday, 5 April 2009

Life is short, appreciate what you have now...

My mind is empty now, not sure what i going to say.
Received a news from my friends say that my cousin was pass away suddenly
Really cannot accept the truth, we study together, have fun together and i just attend her wedding and make myself into fucking drunk last year december during her wedding dinner.

Saturday went into hospital, and today 8pm pass away, and the doctor just say virus infection in lung.

Life is really short, appreciate every moments in your life, Dear Chui Fong, i will remember your smile and the moment we pass by. you always is my lovely 小舅女。

I hope everything will become normal again when i wake up tomorrow. I really wish....


=ke ping= said...

have heard alot abt tis so called virus infection in lungs
my 姑姑and 伯伯 passed away out of a sudden last year
n my cousin also
well, loss is pain but we've gotta sustain it no matter wat
appreciate those ppl around u
appreciate ur life
appreciate ur loved ones
thats all we can do
deepest condolences from me

with love,
ke ping

Kuntong said...

cheer up..

christina tan said...


johntim said...

She will RIP, be strong my friend.

wk said...

i m sorry to hear that. be strong.


Be strong, you can do it!