Sunday, 24 October 2010

Happy birthday 27th at nigeria

My birthday -
2008 - Working oversea
2009 - Drop at friend's wedding , become ah 4 photographer
2010 - At nigeria now
2011 - Where am i ???

The dinner set i order from hotel restaurant, RM30 :) I think is the most delicious food i eat at nigeria... I cook an egg for myself, grow old other year.

Brought a Nigeria hat to attend my nigerian colleague's wedding on December :) Look Stupid right? I not good in wearing hate.... -__-'''

Happy birthday to me ...

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


22 September 2010, is a mooncake festival for every chinese. That night i drive back home, had my dinner and i just hang to the nearest place from my house to take some photo for the event. Actually i really seldom take photo for events, because those event always occur when i was jail at nigeria... So just bring my camera and shoot for few shoot :)

And i look like an idiot carry camera , and shooting alone -_-''' , you can see alots of couple, family and pets around at park, it was so happening. Make me really can feel the warm when i was there :)

When we was child, we use to play lantern outside the house with neighbour and friends, i think nowsday was change due to crime always happen around us. At least the park is a most security and every people can gather together to celebrate the event.

Hopefully my sense of photographing still there ..