Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Start my Marathon Activity after i back from Malaysia

I had back to Malaysia for almost 2 week, there is so many activities, went to Amsterdam, sing k, badminton, buy new lens, meet up with friends, gatherings, go singapore ( suddenly ), portraits shooting and etc.....

My leg never stop walking except work and sleep -__-'''

Let me summarize some my activities information. I think i will slowly post up if i got free time, i just transfer 700 piece photo from my camera. I think i will slowly post 1 by 1 when i back to Nigeria at end of October. But this 2 week i really do enjoy a lots with my friends.

13.09.09 Spent time at Amsterdam from 8am to 5pm while transit to KL
Shooting with 3 pretty girls. May May Low
Sharmin Wong
Sharie Chee

Went to Singapore by Firefly and meet up my lovely Junior ( Si mui ) Phylicia Tan.
And other friend too. Lynn Teo

I going to Hong Kong and Macau at 16 october, friend wedding shooting on 24/25 October, and might be my friend wedding guan trial shooting also. Hope i can perform well on the shooting, and don't disappointed my teacher Johntim and friends.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Finish packing and ready to back

Finally my 1st trip to Abuja, Nigeria is come to ending, but it still got long way to go. I will back to Abuja at 25 October again. Phew, just calculate my hotel payment. Totally i had stay here for 73 days !!!!!!!!!!

Honestly is seem long, but my feeling just like the time is pass so fast when it become to end. For the first time i leave home for so long. Don't know my parent got become old or no, my brother got more taller than me, my sister got become fat or no ....and my friends etc ...

Maybe something is changing in Malaysia but i not notice at all. Just able to know some latest status from facebook, forum or online newspaper.Just too easy for me to pack..hahah...few clothes to bring back -_-''' before that is luggage is full of cane food.Before that is full. Now is quite empty, don't know the officer will laugh me or no -_-'''
This is the thing that i need to put at office store room by tomorrow. Still got 4 tomatoes sauce .... -_-''' next trip la..

Well i think i should enjoy myself and spent my time with family and friends when i back to Malaysia. I miss malaysia.

My flight schedule

Amsterdam , i am coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Count down 13 days & back to Malaysia

Yup, i still got 13 days to go and back to Malaysia. I will back on 12/9 and transit at Amsterdam

So i will reach Amsterdam at 8am and plane flight off at 9pm. That mean i can walk around at the city of Amsterdam. I will capture the building architecture of the city and then i can post at my blog :)

My friend keep complain that why i don't update my blog, honestly there is nothing special for me to upload. I guess next trip, i will copy and paste the previous and post again ^^

Okla...let post 2 photo that i took recently. Nowday i become a very good chief , no longer photographer.. -_-'''
I know my brother Johntim had arrange many date for me, i guess this 6 weeks in Malaysia i will busy on @@ crazy wer...

Of course the activities like photographing with model may may ( Johntim, you better arrange), friend's wedding dinner , yamca, play basketball, dota+ing, eat eat drink drink ..... movie...phew..there are too much.... 6 week enough for me ???? I wonder and i wish i can make it !

Friends, i ayam kambing back soon ( i am coming back soon) !!!!!!!!!