Friday, 11 September 2009

Finish packing and ready to back

Finally my 1st trip to Abuja, Nigeria is come to ending, but it still got long way to go. I will back to Abuja at 25 October again. Phew, just calculate my hotel payment. Totally i had stay here for 73 days !!!!!!!!!!

Honestly is seem long, but my feeling just like the time is pass so fast when it become to end. For the first time i leave home for so long. Don't know my parent got become old or no, my brother got more taller than me, my sister got become fat or no ....and my friends etc ...

Maybe something is changing in Malaysia but i not notice at all. Just able to know some latest status from facebook, forum or online newspaper.Just too easy for me to pack..hahah...few clothes to bring back -_-''' before that is luggage is full of cane food.Before that is full. Now is quite empty, don't know the officer will laugh me or no -_-'''
This is the thing that i need to put at office store room by tomorrow. Still got 4 tomatoes sauce .... -_-''' next trip la..

Well i think i should enjoy myself and spent my time with family and friends when i back to Malaysia. I miss malaysia.

My flight schedule

Amsterdam , i am coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kate said...

initially i thought u will throw all the tomato sources... now, u seems like it most oled.. nxt trip buy chili sources there..i sponsor u! 1 bottle hahahahahaha

Johnt|M said...

Bro~ Welcome Home~ Miss you dam much

Lets Rock Again~