Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Start my Marathon Activity after i back from Malaysia

I had back to Malaysia for almost 2 week, there is so many activities, went to Amsterdam, sing k, badminton, buy new lens, meet up with friends, gatherings, go singapore ( suddenly ), portraits shooting and etc.....

My leg never stop walking except work and sleep -__-'''

Let me summarize some my activities information. I think i will slowly post up if i got free time, i just transfer 700 piece photo from my camera. I think i will slowly post 1 by 1 when i back to Nigeria at end of October. But this 2 week i really do enjoy a lots with my friends.

13.09.09 Spent time at Amsterdam from 8am to 5pm while transit to KL
Shooting with 3 pretty girls. May May Low
Sharmin Wong
Sharie Chee

Went to Singapore by Firefly and meet up my lovely Junior ( Si mui ) Phylicia Tan.
And other friend too. Lynn Teo

I going to Hong Kong and Macau at 16 october, friend wedding shooting on 24/25 October, and might be my friend wedding guan trial shooting also. Hope i can perform well on the shooting, and don't disappointed my teacher Johntim and friends.


Kuntong said...

oooi!! shooting so less pic mana boleh? faster update more!!! kakakakaka..

bought new lens?

Johnt|M said...

Hahaha, shuang dao~ That we call life =)

Enjoy while we still can =) walk more when you still can =)

Siu KeOnG said...

Kuntong: ya.. i using 70-300mm Sigma for shooting :P, i havent post la, need to ask permission neh

Johntim: okok..when nx trip?

Kate said...

hey dear, when is my trip?

christina tan said...

keep bleeding..keep keep bleeding (bleeding nose)...when shooting bikini gal rite???haha

大头猫 said...

Enjoy ur Macau trip ar ^^

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