Saturday, 27 March 2010

Museumplein + Flower Market

Museumplein is quite far away from Central station, you might need to take GVB , you can refer to here
Just notice you can buy a ticket on central station and some place. But you also can pay while you take the GVB, i think the price is slightly expensive and not worth.

Some photo taken near Museumplein , it was a cloudy day and raining -__-''
This is my lunch ^^ , coffee for 2 euro, the bacon around 4-5 euro. That time was raining, i feel so relax while enjoying my hot coffee ^^
There is some souvenir shop around the Museumplein. This remind one of my friend Lilian who like the painting too. "Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh ( Thanks for wk woo for correction ^^ )

Flower market, other attraction place for people to get a cheap & fresh flower, the street is not too long, just around 15 min, u can walk to the end.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Manneken Pis @ Amsterdam

Just wikipedia the meaning of Manneken Pis , it mean (Dutch for little man urinating). Just spot my friend who had travel to amsterdam, refer to Yuan . Yummy, i am a food lover, of course i wont miss the chance to try it !!!!!!!
Quite many people eating beside the shop ~
Small size is 2.40 euro, add sauce is 0.50 euro :P

mayolis..i love it ~

Honestly i am not able to finish. I just able to eat half ==''' , anyone want to share with me ^^ , well is nicer , longer and tasty than McD , just like it

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Church Westerkerk & Frank Anne's House

Before i came to Amsterdam i had mark down several place of interesting for visit. Even now, some i had still no idea how to reach :P , i even walk about 1 hour from central toRijksmuseum , but still cannot reach, haha.
a map can be brought a tourist centre near central station, it cost me euro 5. And i start my first journey to Frank Anne house. The entrance fees is euro 8.50 for adult. Honestly is quite expensive if convert into RM.

Some story about Frank Ann =
There is no photo allow inside the house. But i feel lucky can visit the design on the holland's house. The staircase inside the house was so narrow, if a fat guy walk in sure it will stuck. Inside the house is full of trick, this is for Frank Anne easy to hide themselve for caught by the soldier. Is worth to spend 1 hour to have a look.

I saw the church of Westerkerk, but that was sunday so i not able to visit :) . The sky is still cloudy, i not able to take any nice photo. Hopefully next time.
And i was hunting some restaurent for my dinner, you can find a lots of restaurent near by Dam square, honestly i had no idea what to eat. My budget for dinner is Euro 20 only. At last i went to an Argentinian Restaurent to had my dinner before flight back to malaysia.
This is what i order. A beer and grillled chicken chop~...Yummy ! I love heineken. This dinner cost me totally Euro 21. ( Rm100+) . Everything is expensive in Europe @@

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Amsterdam - Dam square

I had visit Amsterdam since last year July, because when i flight to nigeria, i need to transit at Amsterdam and wait for 12 hour. Usually i take train went out for photoshooting :)

You can buy a train ticket from schiphol airport to central is euro 7.40 ( 2 way ticket ) , it take around 20 minute to destination. Remember keep your ticket, because the train office will check your ticket, but just depend your luck. There is 2 level of train, usually i like to sit at top level for better scenery.
This is the outlook from central station, i think this is the best photo i take among few trip, is very hard to get a blue sky at amsterdam.

Just follow the people and walk straight , you will see all the building follow by my photo sequence. I found that there is a lots of Mcdonald at amsterdam, even 200m , you can see other Mcdonald again, is so funny :P

After that, you will saw a Royal Palace of Amsterdam on Dam square at the centre of amsterdam. But the palace is closing for renovation, too bad i had miss the chance to enter for visit.

There is a lots of canals long the way, i like the roof of the house, the screen is just so beautiful for me. Even me can walk 1 hour around the city. Of course there is some place which we need to take trams. This is my experience :P , sometime even i will walk lost during the 1st time i visit.

I still can remember the 1st time visit to Amsterdam. It was a cloudy morning, no much people is around the street, some citizen was jogging and cycling around. The feeling is so good and safe when walk alone.

Next i will intro some attraction place at the city of Amsterdam.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Portraits - Christina aka Green Forest

Other portrait i did from my friend ( Christina Tan) . Somebody asking me why your didn't join some model shooting? There is few reason i only did shooting with my friends

1. You will learn more and gain more experience, because you need to teach your friend's posting and try catch the pretty angle. Is more challenging.

2. Because for those normal friend they dont think of they will have pretty photo, and they wont find photographer to help them.

3. Promote my friends :P

4. She happy, i Happy

Christina , a shy girl who dont know how to post well. By the way , just share photo which i think she got a pretty angle. Hope you guys like it.

Thanks Samuel and Christina who the photoshooting session :)