Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Manneken Pis @ Amsterdam

Just wikipedia the meaning of Manneken Pis , it mean (Dutch for little man urinating). Just spot my friend who had travel to amsterdam, refer to Yuan . Yummy, i am a food lover, of course i wont miss the chance to try it !!!!!!!
Quite many people eating beside the shop ~
Small size is 2.40 euro, add sauce is 0.50 euro :P

mayolis..i love it ~

Honestly i am not able to finish. I just able to eat half ==''' , anyone want to share with me ^^ , well is nicer , longer and tasty than McD , just like it


Yuan said...

Wow, i got the sofa seat? Hehe!
This fries is damm nice, cant get in Malaysia.I hope you can tabao for me.:P

Siu KeOnG said...

whaha..syiok or no, 1st sofa..
Fries how to dabao...soft liao la..
U still wan the chesse mou? i get one for u again

Yuan said...

Thanks but no need la, i will transit at Amsterdam on my next trip, so i can buy that time.

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Lydia said...

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