Sunday, 14 March 2010

Church Westerkerk & Frank Anne's House

Before i came to Amsterdam i had mark down several place of interesting for visit. Even now, some i had still no idea how to reach :P , i even walk about 1 hour from central toRijksmuseum , but still cannot reach, haha.
a map can be brought a tourist centre near central station, it cost me euro 5. And i start my first journey to Frank Anne house. The entrance fees is euro 8.50 for adult. Honestly is quite expensive if convert into RM.

Some story about Frank Ann =
There is no photo allow inside the house. But i feel lucky can visit the design on the holland's house. The staircase inside the house was so narrow, if a fat guy walk in sure it will stuck. Inside the house is full of trick, this is for Frank Anne easy to hide themselve for caught by the soldier. Is worth to spend 1 hour to have a look.

I saw the church of Westerkerk, but that was sunday so i not able to visit :) . The sky is still cloudy, i not able to take any nice photo. Hopefully next time.
And i was hunting some restaurent for my dinner, you can find a lots of restaurent near by Dam square, honestly i had no idea what to eat. My budget for dinner is Euro 20 only. At last i went to an Argentinian Restaurent to had my dinner before flight back to malaysia.
This is what i order. A beer and grillled chicken chop~...Yummy ! I love heineken. This dinner cost me totally Euro 21. ( Rm100+) . Everything is expensive in Europe @@


女王 said...


Johntim said...

rich guys eat RM100+ Meal. earn big buck hor :p

I want to go ahhhhh

=ke ping= said...

at least ur chicken chop is nice
can still rmb mine the other day, it was awful and even warm water costs me 50euro cents. =.=

Siu KeOnG said...

女王 : Me also jelous u go japan ma :)

Johntim : Can claim 1 :P sure eat big

Keping : hahaha...u rich ma 50 euro for u is nothing la :P

Yuan said...

U so rich and ate E20 dinner. I ate E2 hotdog nia.

Siu KeOnG said...

Yuan : can claim one...okla, nx time i eat hotdog x 10 :P

zzkang said...

nice pics...nice trip!! :D
got go red district?? hehe

Siu KeOnG said...

zzkang : got go ..window shopping only :P thanks..gek gek gek...

Jessyca said...

First time Buaya crawl over ur blog^^
the Mayolis is HUGE!!