Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wuse Market, Abuja

Is sunday again, i really have nothing to post. Everyday the cloud so pretty and lots, i also becoome lazy to capture it anymore, i just waiting raining to come and i wish to took a photo of thunder.

Back to topic, Wuse market, what is this? Wuse Market is the largest in Abuja and provides a genuine glimpse of local life. 10 minute walk from my hotel. You can find every daily expense things on here , just a like direct market which you can buy cheaper things compare outside.

I had been to wuse market for twice time, the photo i took during first time, is around 10am, maybe it still early, not much shop started their business yet.

The photo below is those shop lot which sell your product, everything is sell on a pack, like beer or water, they don't sold 1 tin :P

let go inside the market....and see what can we get :)

When i went inside, my eyes also drop out.................WHAT THE....the size of the vege & fruits all is double bigger than malaysia......... @@

This Banana..cannot eat 1....As my manager told me, it need to cook only can eat :)
Of course, size also double longer :)

The pineapple bigger than my head -__-'''Pumpkin !!!!!!!!!!!!! Halloween is coming ~ hahaha...kidding

Time to go back lor...outside full of people :P
In abuja, there is not shopping like Mid valley or One U.......just a supermarket :)

Report finish....end

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Weekender, i am sensibility person

Currently is the 6th week i at nigeria, nothing much different, i still working, cooking, reading, sleeping and eating the tomatoes sauce.

How i spent my weekend? Usually i will online chatting with my friends, facebook and reading book ( just starting to read), listening song and sleeping. Starting getting a bit boring, because it is nothing to give me shooting again. The cloud everyday is the same, it just look huge and a lots.

Moon here still same, i always can saw it through my window, actually here is a quite peaceful place if you like to relax yourself alone.

Still got 4 more week, i can go back malaysia. Got 1 friend tell me :" dont lazy why no update your blog". I telling him, i am a "sensibility" person. If i don't have the feeling, i had no mood to update my blog.

Currently, i just having a cup of nescafe coffee, wearing my headset and listening to Ah Mei's song, of course is emotional song also. 记得- From 张惠妹

Other activities i will do every weekend is watching 我猜我猜 ( guess guess guess) , only entertainment to cheer up my mood and laughing here.

The book i start reading after scold by Johntim :)

Sometime i will start at the window and start dreaming.......
Someone telling me ...

就算两个再靠近, 不会珍惜对方。。。 那到不如不要天天见面, 有机会给对方想念彼此。。 我觉得这样大家会更珍惜彼此相处的时间。。。感情会更好

Translate To english, because my reader Johntim dont know chinese. * haha
heart is important than distance,
Even if the two re-close, not to cherish each other. . . It would be better not to meet every day given a chance to miss each other. . I think that we will cherish the time to get along with each other. . . Feelings will be even better

My opinion, we still need to face the reality, i don't dare there is not a possible will happen, but in real life usually is not that perfect as you thought. However, life still continue and stay happy :)

Take care my friends

Thursday, 13 August 2009

The most creature i scare off.....Lizard at Nigeria

The most thing i frighten in nigeria .....lizard !!!!!!!!!!!!

You able to see this kind me of creature at any street, maybe housing area -_-|||, during lunch time hour usually i need to walk by some street around 300m to reaturant. And the lizard just around in front me, i really afraid it jump to my pants. And it move very fast and alert on people.

So far only 2 kind of lizard i able to see ... Street lizard (define by me ^^) & Agama lizard

Common lizard : Street Lizard
I think the mummy is bringing his children go for outing....

Even i saw 1 lizard is climbing at my hotel -_-||| , maybe it too hungry and go inside the room and look for food....Agama Lizard -
Sweating....-_-''' , you only able to see this lizard rarely , i always saw him at people's rubbish bin and looking for food -_-'''

Other lizard can found at nigeria... Uromastyx Lizard
Uromastyx inhabit a range stretching through most of North Africa, the Middle East and across south-central Asia and into India.[2] This area spreads across 5000 miles and 30 countries. They occur at elevations from sea level to well over 3000 feet. They are regularly eaten, and sold in produce markets, by local peoples. ( Lilian, you are right, really can eat ^^ )

Not sure it able BBQ to eat or no :P
Now i walk by those small street or there is a wall beside me at outdoor, i always alert of this creature...
I think i got phobia to lizard -_-''' ......

Monday, 10 August 2009


V9KON where video and Photos meet .........

"V9KON is a communities about photography where everyone shares their photos and the pros will try to give you comments and suggustion, to improve your skill . similar to flickr + youtube ... it also allowed you to share at fb, blogs and etc. bonus you can also upload videos too."

I just join v9kon few week ago, it still very new. But the information content is all about Nikon.

If you ae a nikonian, you sure join and involved for their photographing session and meet some new photographer lovers.
There are a lots blogs for reviewing some latest technology and news about nikon.
Of course, you can share your beautiful photo and review other photo if you like photographing.

Join now, Nikonian=> Click me

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

There is always need to be sacrificed something to gain other things

"There is always need to be sacrificed something to gain other things", This words keep appear in my mind this few days. As my new job require me travel frequently and stay onsite for 2 months.

Just feel guilty for my family and friends, because don't have much time with them. Example , miss out my sister's convocation, friend wedding or gathering. No doubt that i can earn some money when i travel.

Lucky i am still single and don't have any worry of relationship problem. Nov-December, i will be onsite again, and there is a lots of wedding dinner which i not able to attend, i wish i can be there play around and have fun with all my friends. I want to shoot photo, i want to "yam seng", i want to hang out with my friends..........

I will back on malaysia on mid of September, but i only will stay 6 weeks at malaysia, wish i can have a happiness period and fully utilize my holiday at malaysia.


已经一个月在这里了,也开始想家,想念和朋友出去吃喝玩乐的日子。 还有六个星期就可以回家了,我真的要坚持到底,捱过这段时期。 太多朋友的结婚喜酒不能出席,真的很过意不去。

Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Food i hate the most .....

Is 4th week i at nigeria now...i NO CARE..i still want to complain...who buy me so many TOMATOES SAURCE !!!!!!!!! I EAT UNTIL SCARE NOW !!!!!!!!!....

I come back u both sure kena me whack gao gao.....
I eat 2 tin jor...still got 9 tin..OMG....