Sunday, 23 August 2009

Wuse Market, Abuja

Is sunday again, i really have nothing to post. Everyday the cloud so pretty and lots, i also becoome lazy to capture it anymore, i just waiting raining to come and i wish to took a photo of thunder.

Back to topic, Wuse market, what is this? Wuse Market is the largest in Abuja and provides a genuine glimpse of local life. 10 minute walk from my hotel. You can find every daily expense things on here , just a like direct market which you can buy cheaper things compare outside.

I had been to wuse market for twice time, the photo i took during first time, is around 10am, maybe it still early, not much shop started their business yet.

The photo below is those shop lot which sell your product, everything is sell on a pack, like beer or water, they don't sold 1 tin :P

let go inside the market....and see what can we get :)

When i went inside, my eyes also drop out.................WHAT THE....the size of the vege & fruits all is double bigger than malaysia......... @@

This Banana..cannot eat 1....As my manager told me, it need to cook only can eat :)
Of course, size also double longer :)

The pineapple bigger than my head -__-'''Pumpkin !!!!!!!!!!!!! Halloween is coming ~ hahaha...kidding

Time to go back lor...outside full of people :P
In abuja, there is not shopping like Mid valley or One U.......just a supermarket :)

Report finish....end


Janice Lee said...

When u go inside...ur eyes also drop out??drop where? u manage to find back ur eyes? lol! wow...everything also big...the banana also extra long??0.0

wk said...

just a suggestion: it's good to have a comparison object besides the subject - when you want to tell us how big is your subject.

Siu KeOnG said...

janice : =.=|| drop at ur home

Wk: i wish too...but no people hold camera for me :(
Maybe u see the yam/cassave. ehehe..sorry

christina tan said...

then u should open a shopping mall there, no competitors, business sure good...haha

Samuel said...

Wah........ big banana, big yam, big pineapples, everything so big, no wonder the Africans' size also bigger than us -_-|||

Johnt|M said...

Hahaha, beh tahan...

I suggest you bro, please have some vege or fruits back home and dont only eat tomatoes sauces and Can food. Learn how to cook la~

Call Dami hold ur camera la :p

Siu KeOnG said...

Christina : You want to partner with me or no? I hire u as sales girl :P

Samuel: hahahhahaa....u damm funny, ya...they strong, sometime only eat 1 meal perday :P

Johntim: lazy la....nvm la...going back soon