Monday, 4 May 2009

Portraits - Shy

Finally i free to post up the next model, here she come, Lady & Gentlemen Let me introduce~ The Malaysia next top model ......................... Shy.

As crazywcary keep hunger for it, here you are. Really thanks a lots for the time and effort spending with us. I know Johntim and shy need to wake up early and prepare for the shooting. Very comfortable shooting photo with shy, i like your smile and you really got the potential to become model.

Description of the shooting:

1. Johntim , Shy and me.
2. After having breakfast, arrived at KLCC at 830am, and start shooting at the KLCC park.
3. The Guard keep find trouble towards us. And ask a lots question. Then we say we are student and take photo for final year project. hahhaa
4. Shooting indoor at Pavilion.
5. Johntim's memory card is corrupted, i think is my card reader not welcome for canonian, lucky able to recovery 80% of the photo. Sorry dude.

Yellow Collection

Red Collection
Thanks again :)

More photo:


Johntim said...

Yeah stupid guards... Hahaha pretending final year student !! Do I look like 22 years old? Wahaha... Sure they not believe la

Nice photo you take =) But PICASA3 got big contribution hor =)


Siu KeOnG said...

yea, you look like 22 years old, we ma look like 18 lor...haha

Picasa =.=|||, hey, shy already consider very pretty , dont say like because picasa make her pretty, later she sad :)

Kuntong said...

nice set..nice model.. i hope i can join nxt time. =P

not the guard finding trouble la.. becoz KLCC park is private 1.. if wan make photoshoot thr have to apply pass thr 1..