Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Detox First day,

Very syiok hor? Saw all those fruits, I brought the apple , tomato , carrot and cucumber on night market, and prepare for detox due to my tummy growing bigger and bigger, which make my pants not able to fit in anymore :(

I totally buy 60 green apple, 24 tomato, 24 carrot and 12 cucumber for the war. Well, i wish to wrote down my progress and feeling during this 3 days. Life without rice, KFC , ayam goreng, nasi lemak, & my favour coffee for this 3 days. Of course portion is for me and Johntim

I know is a very suffer process. But i feel insecure & uncomfortable with carry my big tummy and go out with friends, especially girls,
I want to become slim and handsome back , although me not handsome :)

Morning : So far ok, eat some vitamin pill and protein powder. And drinking the fruits juice, but the kanasai colleagues are moving the cup of coffee around my nose, OK !!! u all never give support but want to see me fail my mission !!!! This wont happen ! Me strong in mental....keke
Evening : Very hungry, very tired, just drink juice for whole evening.......but i wont give up.

Night time : After playing basketball, i starting headache, and whole body very tired, Johntim say must sleep before 11pm..... I really don't know want to say thanks or hate him....i am HUNGRY NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... the roti is in front keep call me " eat me me la...." some more the bread is damm fat .....arggghhhh...cannot cannot !!!! I must stay strong !!!


Johntim said...


Wont died 1... Hahaha if you got determination sure can success... Dont think of slimming only.. it also make u healhty as well... Keep it Up

Gam Ba Teh !

Siu KeOnG said...

honestly i am very tired and sleepy now...

christina tan said...

yea, wat is the brown color drink?it doesn't look appetizing..

Lilian said...

so..when u guys finished ur detox, we go and have......seafood! wuahaha.... (~_~) then u have to go detox again..

Siu KeOnG said...

Christina tan : you wan to try? seem u so fat

Lilian : i very hungry leeeee, dont mention any food name plz...coz it will appear at top of my head... I miss KFC, nasi lemak ! Coffeee!!!

Kuntong said...

i cnt make it i knw...haha
good luck dude

=ke ping= said...

while u r doing ur wat detox u should do the same to ur mind as well i think
meaning u shouldnt have any 'impurity' in ur mind
see you also cant get thru tis hurdle =p

Siu KeOnG said...

kuntong: you slim need detox

Lu keping: when you wan to join me? I think u should diet , u know la..u size~hhahhahaha

Karen said...

Gambateh lor:):)