Friday, 8 May 2009

3rd/Last day detox...yahooo

Finally today is the last day detox. Tomorrow i can start to eat steamboat, KFC, nasi lemak !!! haha, Sorry, Johntim say cannot, i only can eat some light food like taufu and vege. Aii..i need to wait until monday only can have rice :(

Evening & night time : So far everything is fine, can feel the excited after johntim tell me the food that i can have for tomorrow. hehee.... Compare 2nd day, i less tired and less hungry.

Next day morning
This morning i become a panda, because i starting insomnia on 4am, i just feel hungry and cannot wait for my wonderful breakfast. When i wake up, i straight away go to market and buy my wonder breakfast.....honestly, i eat too much and it really too delicious for me ~ eat until my stomach pain and i need to rest at sofa for few hour =.=|||

Because my stomach had become cower because 3 day dont take any rice. So i cannot eat any heavy food, so the whole day i just had my ABC soup ~ the feeling is so good and the best soup i nv had in my life :P

My waist had reduce abit, how many kg lost? I not sure, because i not measure my weight. But i am sure i had reduce some weight.....ehhe thanks for my consultant, Johntim without your support, i think i cannot pass thru this stage :)

For those who wan the recipe, i think you can contact him~hahahha


Johnt|M said...

you eat too much -_-''

=ke ping= said...

eh...i want the recipe *winks*
im serious btw =p