Sunday, 10 May 2009

The world so small which make me saw back u again....你比从前快乐

I always afraid walking in shopping mall, i afraid saw those fair/long hair lady with their bf. Why? Because i know i worry that will be you. But today, i think god had make an arrange to make me meet up u. But the person holding your hand is not me anymore.

After 5 months, finally i saw you again. We don't have much eyes contact, just a smile to each other and you walk away. If you ask me, do i feel pain? Yup, but just that moment. After that, i just go back to my normal life.. continue chatting, working, photographing and snaking.hehe

I know that i really already put down my feeling to you. And I am start searching for my true love too. 4 years sweet memory will always keep in my heart and i really wish you can found your happiness. Not regret that had together with you been so long.

A song appear in mind when i saw you , 你比从前快乐 :) i know you are from the screen i saw just now. Take care my old love.


Johnt|M said...

I still remember what my blog mention:-

"It like someone just say HI when they meet up..."

But in your case... even sad... just a fake smile, I believe.

Be Strong brother... ! Enjoy our trip !

Tiffanny said...

So touching when read what you write in this post and can understand your feeling at that moment.

Anyway, so happy hear that you can put down and find your TRUE LOVE.

Gambate o!

Karen said...

glad that know u already let go and keep going in ur life!!!;):)
hope u will keep up the good work and gambateh!!!!!u can do it!!!^^
take care

Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim: her choice and her decision, of course, i also wish her found a true love, maybe we just not fate together :)

Tiffany: I put down long time ago lor, just that moment will pain abit ma :), thanks anyway. 1 day find sabah find my "fake old love ya"

Karen: Repeat again, i put down long time ago lorrrr....u good la, 4 month anniversary, me 15 month anniversary with single life.hahaha

=ke ping= said...

you won't listen to me (as usual)
but then this post is indeed....a good one
march forward
祝你幸福 =)

wei shien said...

it's touched!!!
no scared, your true love were on the way coming to you..

Be strong ,bro...
Jia You!!! muacks!!


whoaa... simply tells about ur "fake old love" here. :p we planned to visit mummy tiffanny too!

auyong auyong, we love you!!
look everyone's here for you.

i doun mind to send u my real sincere smile, or even devil laughs n giggles. :p

u knew wat i'm gonna say, so.. auyong auyong hou saii leii~ proud of u, man. :)

Siu KeOnG said...

thanks weishien, hope u get well too. I will monitor u always.hahaha

Wahoooo....Chrystina~阿美. What wind blow you here.hahaha..really is my honour to received your comment, today really is special offer from

Thanks anyway, u really damm funny always make me laugh. So remember tell me when u get the approval letter ya...hahahah..muacks

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...


Siu KeOnG said...

Thanks Mui Ngee, ehhh can i know u say i look like who ar?

Kuntong said...

4 yrs???!!


Siu KeOnG said...

Kun, any problem ar? 4 year u still drink milk izzit?hahaha