Thursday, 7 May 2009

Detox 2nd day

Morning : Very sleepy, very hungry, even i dont feel want to wake up in the morning. i think my waist had reduce few cm when i wear my pants. Juice and pill again for today, i miss breads and rices.......This process is worst than i fall in sick >.<

Afternoon :
i really really hungry....i miss every food even a sweet :(

Night time : forget bring back vitamin pill, quite hungry now, just drink juice and protein.
As people know, i usually online at my kitchen ( too poor dont have room )

Suddenly i smell something........

ehhh...mek lai geh?????


Sorry Miss Loh Mai Kai & Miss ta bao....i cannot eat u both tonight..... sob sob >.<


Johntim said...

Now you appreciate food very right? Now you can imagine people afrika or 3rd world country? They are hunger all the time.

Dont give up my friend =) You can do it for ur healhty and of coz ur body :p

Roxanne said...

ur fomular still ok la..
3 days oni
i heard another was eat egg n taufu only for 1 week,den 2weeks can eat like normal but no sauce n sweet
eat taufu n egg 1week...siao

Johntim said...

Wahaha Tabao ! Tabao ! Loh Mai Kai ! ... Crazy !

You have good determination and will power ! Last day ! Gogogo

Chia Ping said...

Gam Ba Teh La~~~

Siu KeOnG said...

roxanne : Taufu & egg..wahhh eat until lao sai then how? dun wan la...

Johntim: yea last day !! i still alive ! yahooooo

chia ping: wahh u also got blog.. thanks ..aha u wan to detox ar?