Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Sekinchan Part 2 - Food 建旗海鮮飯店

Quite famous restaurant at Sekinchan with seafood. Even 阿贤 from Astro AEC is visit to the shop before.. Thanks Johntim for bringing us to the famous restaurant in town :) And the price is cheap, just around Rm70+ for those dish, not include the fish :)

First call Tiger Sharks, the top meat is like pig skin. But it don't content any cholesterol, it was very healthy for body. Overall is very good, but try !
提供老虎鯊這道獨特風味的海產美食。 老虎鯊肉與一般魚類不同是長得不像魚肉,反而像是一塊肥豬肉,因它被一層厚厚,類似脂肪的皮層包著.

老板娘王雪莊(47歲)說,老虎鯊身上的那一層類似海生狀的凝塊,其實是膠原蛋白,多吃有美容作用,還有抗癌作用。 她說,膠原蛋白對骨骼也很有幫助,尤其是補膠質方面,是骨骼弱者最有營養價值的珍物。 建旗海鮮飯店在海口有10年,當初為何會想推出炒鯊魚這道菜?王氏說,因為她想推出別人沒有的菜色,于是她便拿出看家本領,把家鄉小菜搬上餐桌,而炒鯊魚 肉便是其中一道家鄉著名小菜。What is that ? Explain <- click me

Sorry , really lazy to describe as you know that my english is sucks, just go there and order the food, really best !


Johntim said...

Nice Dao~

Come again =)

大头猫 said...

nice food with funny name ~

Calvin J said...

Walau... wrong timing to read ur blog.. need to go for supper now ..ahahaa..

how about the price? affordable ?

Siu KeOnG said...

Johntim, sure ~

大头猫 : miao fish gv u eat

Calvin: just around Rm60 all for the dish, not include the steam fish :)