Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sekinchan Part 1 - Paddy Paddy

Date: 11 Mei 2009 , Monday
Time : 5 am - 4pm
Place: PJ--Sekinchan
Person : Siukeong, Johntim, Stanley, Lilian

Thanks for Johntim, the organizer of this trip. And bring us to his lovely hometown , Sekinchan. I love the paddy field. The combination Green and Blue. Have a lots of fun around there, of course, we take many idiot photo at there. Guys, ready for shooting ~山脚下男孩

At evening session, Johntim bring us go to the Jetty, and we playing guitar and take photography for relax ourself.hahaha....
Anyone want to be the one? hahahaha.... Just joking....

Thanks alots for Johntim, thanks for the drive and the effort, i know you seldom wake up at 5am. haha. And the nikonian master - Stanley and Lilian which teach me a lots on setting, especially Stanley, teach me on the "light". haha

Got Part 2 and Part 3.

Part 2 : Food at Sekinchan
Part 3: Kung Fu Boy@Sekinchan


Johntim said...

You are improving... from the day u using DSLR.

However... humble abit as what u always do... Dont always say original photo and never edit hahaha =) Editing is also a skill =)


I am waiting ur Kung Fu Boy Photo... Cant wait to laugh kao kao !

Kuntong said...

god, bless me some 1 bring me to Sekichan sumday...make sure the paddy is long enuf also yea...

kenwooi.com said...

wow nice..
great pics! =D

Lilian said...

hey.. :) wonderful photos! love the colours and composition. Thanks guys for the trip! ;)

Calvin J said...

Like this "http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tw3RH24ipgw/SgmdjCZ0QQI/AAAAAAAADqY/mMMuy6iXRBc/s1600-h/IMG_1687(1).JPG" shoot the most :)

Nice !

Siu KeOnG said...

Kuntung: You so free..u can go ma..

Kenwooi : thanks~hahaha

Lilian: love kao u

Calvin: Hahah ya...nikonian rocks !

大头猫 said...

Nice pic ! Like it ~