Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Prince, happy barkday ...

Last 2 week ago , is my collegue/roomate 's puppy barkday :D, Prince prince, sorry for the late post, SiuKeong Koko quit busy lately.

Finally can meet up his handsome dog, prince~ he is a very smart, handsome and brilliant doggie. Should be train well by your pappy johntim right?
okok.. the effect of DSRL canon 400D
And the effect of the stupid digital camera nikon S51
His pappy held a BBQ party for prince, actually i think is like his pappy birthday more than prince birthday.
Prince: " Pappy, Pappy, can i have a hotdog ma???" ( He no choi me, he keep enjoy his food =.=|||)
Prince: "ok..i go to sleep, i dont want eat... BLUEK" ( Fat lan zha)
SiuKeong : " Pity prince, lai.... siu keong koko give you eat hotdog"
Prince:" wahahah,,, i got hot dog eat, you dont have, blek blek blek"
Prince:" Thanks siu keong koko, you treat me so good, can i hug you ma???"
Siukeong : " ahhhhh....u ush ush me ...or hug me.......helpppppppppppppppppppp....johntim!!!!!"
(he is hugging/holding my leg and ush ush me =.= |||)
okla, eat finish already, his pappy teach prince some new trick again..
ahhh.. johntim's sister had make some cheese tart for us. I tell you, this is the best tart i never eat before. The cheese is so nice and is was a cold. When you put inside your mouth, ooo..the cheese is melt inside your mouth , ooooooo............IT WAS Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks johntim' eldest sister, ~ nx time must try your new dessert again. The cheese tart is better than the cake shop outside. (bro, appreciate your sister effort and eat some la)
yea..other dessert make by her, anyone want to hire her? She is a full time housewife who like to bake or making dessert. ( She stay at kayu ara, and now got 包伙吃 , anyone interest? hehe, hey, i am serious !)
Prince's pappy gay low gang, SiuKeong, Prince, Johntim, Jacky)
Awesome right? Do we look a like? Wow wow ....

Part 2
After the pawty, we went to genting for blow blow wind.... and blow until casino. haha..The johntim is damm got lucky, help us win a lots money, he dare to put RM100 to buy big small, and win.....then put the RM200 and gamble again, and win again.....

Then he able to win the tiger machine somemore.... really ONG, thanks lots for the lucky and $$ :D , somemore yesterday kena 3d+1 by buying my car plat number..... this weekend we go genting again, i think you still very ONG. haha
Thanks for the dinner by johntim and jacky. Jacky intro us having the Nasi lemak at marrybrown, Hoho, really hard to found marrybrown at KL city. The chicken was nice and the samba~ phew~~~~~~~ best combination !!!!!!!!! Must try to eat again if i visit to genting...

Thanks for the wonderful weekend, it was a so special day and memorable. Happy barkday again , prince. Next year, we celebrate to you again.

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Butterflyzdreamer said...

ahahhaha johntim is extremely lucky...i also boh lat...we should go genting agains!!! ask him to play and we pay him!!!get some extra allowance ma

johntim said...

Thanks for visiting my son bark day and the present ya =)

Hei... it just plainly because of luck... Dont be addicted to gamble ok? Hahaha Just treat it as entertainment =)

Roulette and Big & Small I like it =)