Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hennessy Artistry @ Orange Club - Until June, The DEY, Shayne Ward

Yoyo...thanks for the invitation from John aka Miao for the awesome event. Quite sorry to him, because i was attending my friend wedding dinner, and i cannot make it on time. And i was late for the event. Really sorry again, i should buy you a dinner next time.
So i reach there around 11pm :D , thanks for joshua for the VIP parking sticker too. I feel so cool when i drive my old car and enter to the main gate :D , you should tell me early ma, i borrow BMW from someone ,LOLX
So i miss the performance for "Until June" and "The DEY", so i borrow some photo from joshua.
The Dey.... really sorry....i am late....
Until june~ if got chance, i will attend again.
YOYO~ here come..Shayne Ward~I only able to listen his performance,well..he really a damm good live performance singer. I enjoy and quite impress on his nice vocal on tenor part....
There are the song that sing by him , Next To Me, No You Hang Up and No Promises / Thats My Goal.
awesome awesome ~......those girl sure drooling. All attenders are quite high and enjoy the performance
After the show, we going out and having some photo~There are quite lots sexy babe and pretty girl around.... This is stanley, my basketball mate, he is taller, handsome and young than me~hahaha... i start admire you la , stanley~ admire your nerve~
Me , Zoe , Stanley ( KLCC and kancil) , she look so innocent... haha
John aka miao, thanks for the invitation, you are so great and sorry for the late appointment too....

Free Flow of Hennessy, Great Music, hot chicks on the event.... dont ask why didnt take photo with sexy girl....because....hmmm.....i not dare~hahaa... and no point to do so...i seldom put my photo at my blog, just feel uncomfortable, nowday damm fat.. later public laugh on me :D

Thanks again Hennessy Artistry again....


Roxanne said...

shayne ward,Shayne Ward,SHAYNE WARD~!
love his song

Butterflyzdreamer said...

Wah so Syiok ah wor siu keong...why never take alot alot of pretty girls and let me seeeee im sure public wants to see them too mwahhaha! *slurps*


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